Saturday, April 23, 2005

England Arise! Smash the evil Nazi menace!

Popped into my local for a Saint George’s Day pint or two. Currently feeling outraged that the so called British Nazi Party is contesting Leeds Central in the general election. Am determined therefore to vote for a non fascist party. Might have to vomit to do so…. Alas there is no green candidate…

Likesay, in the old bar is an interesting Juke box, spent a small fortune playing eagle by Abba of course, and Emmerson Lake and Plamer’s version of Blake’s Jerusalem, the Glastonbury Hymn.

But get this, also that Amerikan patriot Paul Robeson singing England’s national anthem.

Likesay, was it David Mellor (wierdo!) who asked on state controlled radio “would you want a revolutionary to write your national anthem?” Except in England we went one better and had two!

Likesay, pitty that we didn’t have England Arise by Edward Carpenter, English Socialist and gay liberationist… on said juke box, perhaps it can be arranged….

England arise! And smash the fash! Just like my granddad did!

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