Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Kind of Magick

The lovely Gaelpixie did meet me in her lunch break this afternoon to pass on a bookcrossing book “The Electric Michelangelo” by Sarah Hall. The ex libris inside says

“I am a very special book. You see I am travelling around the world making new friends. I hope I have made another one in you.”

I am sure it has. Most inspiring. What goes round does indeed come round. Even the most conventional reasoning bears this one out….

Wikid also to see the Earth from the Air exhibition in Millennium square. Once again cheers Gael for pointing this one out.

Particularly like the pic of the Rude Man of Cerne Abbas ;)

Would put a pic of yer man here, but there will be no pictures of, ahem, tinkerbells on this blog LMAO! Does anyone have a copyright free pic of man with a maypole?

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