Monday, January 16, 2006

More Textual Harrasment (an occasional series)

Did text my brother:-

I think I Will have “All Coppers Are Bastards” tattooed on my forehead in big bold letters

Kevin replied:-

Or move to manchester an tat ‘MUFC are shit’ on ur head . About Same effect noggin! K

I replied:-

Quite popular @ maine road?

Kevin replied:-


I replied:-

Perhaps if I had a police escort lmao! Thought no 1 in mank supported man u so it would b the 1 place I would b safe pic of charles 14 on blog sans baseball cap

Kevin replied:-

They’r everywhere. …but good point

I replied:-

Aye! Even in manky.. Likesay never have ACAB tattooed on 4head in case u l8r wish to pursue a glorious career in the riot squad “rite he’ll have 2 join the pigs”

the pigs yesterday

Remember that facial tattoos can last a lifetime! Think twice! And hello Acab if you are reading this.

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