Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Even More Textual Harrasment (Part 3 of an occasional Series)

Never seem to get a reply these days when I text my brother. So in order that these gems may get some appreciation (other than from me)…..

Sent 1st April

Greetings All Barbarian Suppressing Generalismo! “The Bluffers Guide 2 Accountancy! Is In the Republican Mail 2 U hard work living in a nut-house! Nothing new!

The Great All Barbarian Suppressing Generalismo yesterday

Sent 30th March

Remember. As a top gender re-alignment surgeon once said: it is easier 2 make a hole than a pole. & who’d be a man! Much tension in the happy nut house B x

a pole yesterday

Sent 29th March
My name is Bluebell & I’m normal. I used 2 think I was mad until I found a nut house with a TV watched 2 episodes of no angels last nite flippin mental! B

Sent 29th March

I’m normal! My friends say I’m normal. My kidz say I’m normal. My wife says I’m normal. My husband says I’m normal. normal normal normal normal normal normal

Sent 19th March

Saw test drive my girlfriend last nite on itv2 revealing the chance 2 be On tv is mega fanny magnet lol!

Sent 11 March

Diet tart fuel is retailed @ netto! Y!?!? typical wimmin! More worried about their diet plans than family planning! Besides 4nication is best calorie control :)

family planning yesterday

Bluebell with some tartfuel mmmmm

Sent 1st February
In 1914 a chap in a big fuck-off palace in vienna ruled over all austria hungary slovakia bohemia moravia croatia transylvania bosnia @ lots of poland

A man in a palace yesterday. about tea time

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