Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jeremy Kyle Moments (part one of an occasional series)

Nothing like some working class tragedy of a morning to inspire me. Am I sick or what? Anyway a chap this morning, DNA tests confirmed that he is the father of 3 children by two mothers, and another 6 unconfirmed. What is his secret? Didn’t look pretty to me but then I am a hetrosexual male…. Perhaps his tendency towards wife beating is a positive turn on for the ladies concerned or one of them anyway… Chicks Dig Jerks…..

the man on the telly

Anyway a few weeks ago there was this chap and his ex on. When the DNA test came back that he was not the father of his exes baby he leapt in the air for joy as if his favourite football team had won 3-0 away. Perhaps they can publish the lie detector and DNA results in the newspapers for those who miss The Show.

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