Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Voting YES!

I will be Voting Yes on May 5th.

I've a horrible fear that its in the bag for the NO campaign who have blatantly distorted and lied. Political advertising is one thing, spin, distortion even.

Anyway, the central question in the referendum is not who will benefit and who will 'lose' under either Plurality Voting (PV, 'First Past the Post is a misnomer which has been picked up by the NO campaign in their broadcast). It is not about Ramsey McClegg and the Fib-Dems. It is Electoral Reform YES or NO? Our current corrupt system of STOLEN VOTES?

First off I do wish that Dan Snow's explanation could have been broadcast. The YES campaign were right to point out that under our current system we have had the MPs expenses scandal. But likesay well done Dan Snow....

Secondly hats off to this livejournaler (not a proper blogger alas) pointing out some of the absurdities and outright lies of the NO campaign

and forty years from now after 40 years of continued minority rule, probably thatcherite tory misrule and ruin, perhaps we will be singing I voted YES....

really better post this and run as I have a coach to catch.....

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