Saturday, July 14, 2012

Open Day and The Old Synagogue

Good to have been able to go to today's Open Day at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Stalls, performances and free classes. And the main building looks like an old synagogue because it is.

To be precise the former United Hebrew Synagogue architects J Stanley Wright 1928-32

right in process of uploading to the blogger pics are in all sort of order, so just enjoy....

here is a view of one of the lesser domes from staircase

Here is a pillar downstairs holding up the womens' gallery, the foliage seems approximately that of acanthus of Corinthian order whereas pillars out front seem Egyptian.

All ye who enter here. Abandon socks....

and of course take off your shoes, you are on Holy Ground (Exodus 3:5)

A view of the pews.

Looking down from the staircase from the womens' gallery.

top of the staircase obviously...

another shot of the Shield of David atop central dome, scaffolding probably not left over from the synagogue.

Shield of David again

top of staircase entrance to womens' gallery

up the staircase

staircase with lesser dome above

more windows with Shield of David



Shield of David

lets post.

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