Thursday, October 11, 2012

Creationism 404

I had to laugh. Answers in Guinness is one of the leading creationist rackets in Amerika. They are responsible for the large Creationist 'museum' in Kentucky.

For The Living Dinosaur's excellent take on Ken Ham

Voting for this year's Converted and Prestigious Golden Crocoduck Award closes on the 14th.

It is awarded for the greatest breach of the ninth commandment in pursuance of the Creationist Cause. Ken Ham the not so pious founder of Answers in Guinness is not nominated for this year's award but may well be in the running for next year alongside stiff competition from Harun Yahya. For this year I am thinking Ian Juby. The other front runners being somewhat related Eric Hovind (brainpower can skip two generations) and Megasage007.

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