Monday, March 18, 2013

Emergency deprivation of Social Security and emergency email to MP

Just emailed the following to my MP, Fabian Hamilton (Labour, Leeds North East).  Alas my printer is offline and it is too late to put something in the Republican Mail.  And it seems this one is planned to be steamrollered through Parliament tomorrow....

Subject: Jobseekers (back to work schemes) Bill

Dear Fabian

From the bottom of my heart I appeal to you to oppose the 'Jobseekers (back to work schemes) Bill, which I understand is to be rushed through Parliament tomorrow.

Why is it an emergency to deprive some of the poorest in society of the money they need to live on and which the Courts have said they are entitled to?  Why, if the Grauniad is to be believed, is this being supported by the 'Official Opposition'?

furthermore, doesn't such retrospective legislation strike at the very heart of the Rule of Law? 

and it is a rotten principal that because it is taxpayers money it should be denied.  On these grounds similar legislation could 'protect the taxpayer' from claims of compensation against say the Police Service.  It is after all taxpayers money.  Of course since they are responsible for the cock up Chris Grayling and IDS could always be held personally responsible if we were really to protect the taxpayer.

One final point, as Cait Reilly (the Geology Graduate forced to give up voluntary work in a museum to work for nothing at Poundland) rightly pointed out, unemployed people wish for help into paid employment or failing that education and training.  Forced Labour Schemes (Scab for your Giro) and punitive withdrawal of benefit do not create employment or get anyone back to work, so the Bill's title is a complete misnomer, a blatant lie.

It is beyond shameful that IDS is proposing this Bill, I trust that as my MP you will ensure its defeat including working with other MPs or all Parties.

Be in touch for any reason

Bluebell Eikonoklastes

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