Monday, December 06, 2004


Here it is folks I been certified yay!

Well, the bidding notice for the presentation of certificates said kick off at 1730 100hrs was milling about with Nikki and her partner Farran from 1705 only to learn that the actual kick off would be at 1800 100hrs. Would you believe it on the list of certificates or certificatees (persons to be presented with a certificate) I at first thought my name was spelled right, something I had worried about as every letter I get from the School of Continuing Education is Mr Bluebell New Jerusal Eikonoklastes or similar. Then I noticed that yes New Jerusalem and Eikonoklastes where spelled right but they had missed the first l in bluebell. Or rather Nikki did. And the nibbles where good, I feel quite full indeed. And there was orange juice, coffee and wine! YAY!

I was number 21, 32 certificates where dished out. A round of applause was given for the friends, family, partners, etceteras of all the students and teachers in the school. Many thanks to Nikki and Farran, and indeed my erstwhile housemates at Cornerstone. Who (cornerstone not Nikki and Farran) when I explained that I was doing an essay on the Spanish Civil War and Spanish Revolution (or more correctly the Great Revolution in the Spanish State of 1936 ce) had never heard of it. Now that’s what I call Anarchy!

Now to put the finishing touches to my workbook. Ah in “Doctor in the House” (the film not the series) there is a lovely quote, viz, “an education can last a lifetime, if you want it to”. But that was then.

Will post the photo when it is developed and all that.

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