Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Silly Quiz an occasional series no doubt

You know, I never liked the word slut. It sounds negative. Slag at least sounds a bit more positive. If you are a man who likes sleeping with women, should this be viewed in any way negatively? Why is this not a cause for celebration? And likewise if you are a woman who likes sleeping with men? (and yes, goes without saying if you are a man who likes sleeping with other men and so on…. Yes I am a card carrying liberal as stated in this blog passim). And not that sex should ever be seen as something compulsory. Though after 3 months of abstinence I am gnawing at the furniture!

Why do I live in such a sexually repressive society?

Anyway, with a bit of help I could probably get a bit higher than 59% any nubile ladies care to be of assistance? ;)

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