Thursday, January 06, 2005

sharing (was RE:waiting for the workmen)

hi Kay

> the main thing i'm fed up about is being on my own

interesting. what part of being on your own are you fed up with?

For me. I am living alone for the first time in my life, have been for 2 and a half years. Still not got used to it. But feel that I must. Would love to have housemates, but my previous housemates drove me nuts. Slightly unfair of me to say, what I mean is. House sharing requires structure. And most of my former housemates did so for what where for me, the wrong reasons, viz, sharing the bills. For me the whole point of house sharing is to share something of each others lives and to have fun (without living in each others pocket and accepting that life together is not all beer and skittles).

And yes, I do need more people to share my life with. And more sex ;)

An old acquaintance who lost contact with me said that Schopenhauer had said that the human condition is like being like freezing porcupines, as we huddle together for warmth we are impaled on our quills. Schopenhauer was a miserable bastard. Whether or not he said that, I know not. Where people any less cold in the past I wonder....

I could rant a bit about in and through true community lies the salvation of the world. But best not.

How about I put this on my blog?

love and liberation

Bluebell xx

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