Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Was listening to State Controlled Radio this morning. It seems that Republican Ascot is not being held at Ascot somewhere in the deep south this year, but in the Ancient Metropolis of the North, York. Well York racecourse to be precise. Not alas permanently but because they have the builders in at Ascot (hmmm builders delay might just mean another year, ten if it where a council job…).

Well, in an interview with a woman in the business of providing hospitality for Republican Ascot at York, she said that one Amerikan had said that he had friends in Edinburgh and was that within walking distance of the racecourse?

“Well sir, you will need good walking shoes” she quipped.

Picture the scene. Said Amerikan on first day or Republican Ascot asks his Edinburgh friends “Say buddy which way is the racecourse?”

“Oh just 200 miles down the Great South Road (aka the A1) and turn left”

Lets hope he remembers some good walking boots. Hi buddy if you are reading this, we will make you very welcome in Old England. Just don't mention the war......

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