Saturday, December 24, 2005

Midnight Mass

Did text my brother

Come to Church! “It’s Great!” issued by the vicars’ club of england and wales on behalf of the church of england.

Kevin replied

‘check out the wine’n’bread special itz MIRACULUS! ! CofE Marketing Board

I replied

LMAO! I was listening 2 The radio & heard that 40 million will go 2 midnite mass 2 nite but mite have mis heard mite b 4.2 million a marketing success knowhow!

Likesay, looks like I won’t make it to midnite mass. Now if the Divine Liturgy of the Most Saintly Aleister Crowley where to be employed I would be up for it. I am pious after all. Perhaps it would do the Church of England no end of good, perhaps attendence at mass would be up. Mite be a problem finding Priestesses, though here at least in Yorkshire there is of course the Wimmins Institute who mite be persuaded to disrobe if need arose.

Est enim nulla pars mei quæ est nulla pars Deorum.

Seasons Greetings!

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