Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Joy of YouTube (part three in a very occasional series honest!)

Very keen to take a break from blogging while everyone reads my last post. It will of course be a star post for anyone to come back to, I am sure it is not the last thing I have to say on the subject of sex, relationships, love and monogamous assumptions. However, I wonder if YouTube has been down, or if some of my problems accessing it have been down to which computer being used, and the ones I posted on my blog seemed ok….


Fancy some Toast!

I remember seeing Paul Young and the Streetband on Top of The Pops, oh how I laughed! And oh how I am showing my age….. Thought at the time it was by “The Jam” of course, later thought it was by Ian Dury and The Blockheads. But no, it was by Paul Young, somewhat related and the Streeband.

Speaking of Ian Dury, how about Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll!

Evidently, Stiff Records went on the road, blatently promoting the label rather than the artists concerned. The evening would end with everyone up on stage singing Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll. Evidently wasn’t much of a success, so they did it again, Stiff Records that is. Undaunted they tried the losing formula another time. Or so it was said on TV so it must be true.

Remember Jilted John?

“I was so upset I cried! all the way to the chip shop!” nuff said. Classic song.

Another classic not of an age but belonging to the ages Gnarls Barkley Crazy. Unfortunately embedding disabled at request. C’est la vie.

And I first saw this one on a repeat of The Two Ronnies. WALK IN LOVE by MANHATTAN TRANSFER


I was flicking through the Guinness Book of Records and discovered that Emperor Bokassa was not only an Emperor but also a Field Marshal. What an achievement!

Here he is at his coronation. Very modestly he crowned himself. Not very expertly it would seem from this video, almost a botched job.

I read somewhere that the Crown Prince was in naval uniform, scaled down for a 2 year old of course. Odd really for a land locked “Empire”. Perhaps he hoped that the French would pay for his Navy as well as his Coronation. He would then of course be able to reach the rank of Admiral of the Fleet of the Imperial Central African Navy and Air Chief Marshal of the Imperial Central African Air Force. This would perhaps all be funny were he not a nasty dictator responsible for the massacre of schoolchildren.

The French of course decided it was cost effective to topple him in a bloodless coup and restore the previous President.

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