Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tripping in Hippyhome

Got to Hipperholme Grammar School in Hipperholme, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Took me 3 busses thankfully covered by a county rider ticket.

Here is the front of the Grammar School built in a sort of vernacular classicism. Not only was it built symmetrically, first rule of classicism, but two wings were later added in a symmetrical fashion. Wikid!

Grammar boy!

Here is a close up of the central bit with the clock (sorry am in a rush not going to consult the rare glossary of architectural terms).


Forget what the central monument says.

Alan our tutor at the Quoin stones. A very classical feature.

pronounced coins

Think this monument is in latin saying wish the committee had just got on with it.

a committee is a group of individuals who believing nothing can be done resolve to take no action..

Alan continues to give us the lowdown. He served the school as a history master and currently as a governor. Splendid Chap

I was a Governor once..

A monument to all the boys and masters of the school who bought the farm during the First Unpleasantness. Seems the headmaster was in the Territorial Army and encouraged masters and old boys to enlist. He bought it at Ypres.

what a waste

Close up of the mortar containing ash.

all these details to get my head round

Later rebuilding using recycled stone and modern lintels.

Recycling! the possibilities are endless!

A well spotted feature. Well done Richard!

think this is a vernacular or hallmark of an architectural firm

More classical symmetry, the porch either not original or not planned according to a painting so originally the symmetry was spot on

rather more gothic porch

And here we are back at school. Not that Alan looks like a history master….

or indeed rather historical

Alan shows us how building surveying is done.

fold out ruler is quite handy

And we crack on. It’s not rocket science…

can’t stand using non metric measurements though

are you reading this?

no didn’t think so


Smoking is bad for your health. Don’t do it kidz!

what is mahruhana? Never heard of it

Many thanks to all at Hipperholme Grammar School not only for making this field trip possible but also for wonderful hospitality.. The coffee was great!

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