Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dodgy Quaker Types Through The Ages. (Part One I think of an occasional series....)

"WHAT’S THE USE OF PARSONS. – The Quakers have no hired preachers to explain mysteries, seize the tenth of their industry, and vex and harass them to death with everlasting law suits; and who besides, in return for being supported by the people take against them on all occasions. And yet, notwithstanding this lamentable deficiency, the Quakers are a sensible, cheerful, and prosperous people. God does not strike them dead, or smite them blind because they have no state parsons. On the contrary, they thrive under it. Then why can’t we do the same? Why can’t we christen, and marry, and bury by the help of general register officers and a magistrate’s certificate? The Americans have no bishops or state parsons of any kind, no tithes, glebes, or sacred church property, and yet wonderful to relate, even they thrive under such a wicked system. They have no bloody religious wars-no everlasting law-suits about tithes-no domineering insolent parson magistrates-no political time-serving to get fat livings by; and they also, are a moral, happy and prosperous people. And then, on account of there being no state religion in America, all the different sects live in harmony; there are no Rathcormac massacres committed for the sake of a few pounds of tithes; remember that, you priest-ridden Johnny Bull? Can’t you be bessttled with superstition without paying priests for laughing at you for believing their marvellous [unclear word] stories?"

From a Correspondent of the Brighton Patriot. Poor Man’s Guardian Saturday, December 26, 1835; Issue 238

'Friends I saw even more daffodils!'

Fancy a job as a vicar?

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