Monday, October 20, 2008

Historiography through the ages…. (Part one of an occasional series, the Venomous Bede)

Just for fun…. I was trying to do some seminar preparation on the historiography of the Venomous Bede. Found myself compiling a few dates in order to try and keep perspective. Think I lost it anyway. Anyway here goes…..

1 Beginning of the CE.

410 Legions leave Britain. Start of Dark Ages and Modern History.

500 Battle of Badon Hill. Anglo Saxon conquest held up a bit.

597 Augustine consecrated First Archbishop of Canterbury

616 End of the (British and Christian) Kingdom of Elmet in the North.

627 First Archbishop of York

635 Aiden established on Lindisfarne

655 Death of King Penda of Mercia “last great Pagan warrior King”

664 Synod of Whitby. Church of England goes Roman.

669 Theodore the Bubble Archbishop of Canterbury, conversion still touch and go.

672 Venomous Bede Born

731 Bede’s History of the English Church published.

735 Bede goes to the Heavenly Kingdom.

793 Lindisfarne Ramraid. Viking lager louts arrive….

795 Offa’s Dyke defines Wales

867 King Alle of Northumbria gets the Blood Eagle (eek!)

869 King Edmund of East Anglia gets Blood Eagle (still eek)

871 Alfred becomes King of Wessex. Saves Anglo-Saxon civilisation.

878 Emergency Borough of Althelney

886 Danelaw recognised by Wessex.

954 Eric the Bloodaxe ceases to be King of York, England united.

the Venomous Bede yesterday

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