Friday, February 20, 2009

Shameful and shameless photoblogging (part two in what may or may not be an occasional series….)

A snowperson

one of my neighbours

Another snowbeing

no, snowbeings are not human creations

And as I walked through the snow another snowcreature of not exactly definite species and gender but hey who cares….

put the carrot in the rite place and gender it I say hehe

Wonderful Advertising with tasteful additions purely in the interest of art of course….

A Splendid Firm!

Close up


Interesting tower, or is it a bartisan? Still haven’t got my head round the architectural lingo… exciting eh?


The tower/bartisan in all it’s glory!

a rather small room no doubt…

Snow in the heart of the campus

The Chancellor is the man on the telly and indeed radio….

The Chancellor’s Court

Ello Melvyn!

More to come…. bet you can’t wait……

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