Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shameful and shameless photoblogging with maybe a bit more.. (part three in what may or may not be an occasional series….)

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take that!

Here in Leeds we have the Institute of Northern Studies at Leeds Met, a splendid firm indeed! Went to one of the public lectures. Good to see corporate advertising.

Aye tell them that their fees were well spent! hehehe

Said lecture was on public art, and the Leeds Brick Man versus The Angel of The North or the Angel of the North versus the Leeds Brick Man. Down on the compost heap of England the Angel of The South is under construction. It will be bigger because they feel a certain need down in the Sarf to overcompensate of course.

I do wonder however about the Black Dyke Band. Aren’t any of them Bruvvas? They all seem white…

I am sure they are all dykes of course

Then up the road to another University.


It’s that time of the month.

I am not mad enough to write on my blog how mad things are at the moment.

Ok I am just playing with my camera

This Erection

Eligo In Suma Pontifico

Ok crap latin…

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