Monday, October 25, 2004

Re: hasselhoff truffle

Hangover free day number eleven. Not that I rate my mental arithmetic pretty highly at the moment. Very drowsy, perhaps because of an overdose of valerian.

Anyway, feel moved to post this reply to a message I received at Faceparty. Think it speaks for itself. I have corrected grammar and spelling. Oh, and my Faceparty handle is maycontainnuts.


Re: hasselhoff truffle

Hi Jen

Thanks for your message

> Hippys rock!

aye! Peace and Love!

> That message really made me laugh. Thanks for a message that didn’t bore me with 'Hi, you ok?' Um, yeah thanks!! Bore ring!

You’re welcome. Some people want to be bored. Most people I think. And difficult, indeed impossible most of the time to say anything interesting when a profile is boring. Faceparty is becoming a bit of a bore really. Perfect partner? yea right!

> You're in an open relationship?

Nominally at least. [Hi Becky if you are reading this, love you! xxxxxxxx] And if I wasn't, I would pretend.

> I thought they only existed when lads don’t actually admit it (I prefer to use the word cheating).

Er no. Polyamoury is not cheating. Viz, if you pretend to be in a mono relationship but play away, that's cheating.

> I'm not cynical

No sweat! lol!

> its just men do want the best of both worlds don’t they!?

Methinks you are missing the point. Don't women want the best of both worlds? did not a poll to new woman magazine come up with 60% of women had had sex with someone other than their husband and had actually admitted it in an anonymous poll at least (me suspects therefore that 60% is on the low side). Monogamous society I think not. Culture of monogamy? Yes and very sickening too.

Not sure where you are coming from with the knee jerk reaction of "don't you want the best of both worlds". Is it the sense that because monogamy means the denial of some needs or desires (true enough) we should therefore, for no other reason, live monogamously? This smacks of ahedonia (the idea that we are not here to enjoy ourselves). Ahedonia leads to misery. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with the idea of self denial per se, I am a card carrying Puritan after all. Ahedonia and Puritanism are however not the same thing.

> High five to you though. So long as you're pleasing them all the same they what’s the harm. Don’t go breaking any hearts.

Absolutely! This is the whole point about polyamoury, not forsaking all others. Here’s to panfidelity, faithful to all.

Anyway, hope you don't mind if I put this on my blog, feel free to comment

Love and liberation

Bluebell xxx

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