Monday, August 14, 2006

Pictures from Hourne Farm

I originally planned to upload these pics with any commentry I felt moved. I hope to publish another post about what I did down in Sussex, but for now, perhaps a picture can paint a thousand words. I certainly learned that in art history. A few of the pics I am having difficulty rotating at the photobucket, so they will come later.

lentil soup is yummy!

In the refrectory.

remember 'the rabbi's gift? are we all monks and nuns here?

Contemplation of Lentil Soup

nice classical gnomes

a path leading somewhere, a parable of life perhaps

for it is written in the stars

The Mosaic in the yard

anyone know how to repair outdoor mosaics?

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

evening I think, or was that morning….

A view of Sussex

very co-operative though they don’t seem to do much

The Swans

they could almost be plastic…..

The swans from a distance

And did those feet!

A vision of the New Jerusalem!

The Goethe Room is in the stables

Behind the stable

Popular facial tattoos…..

Goethe, yer man!

I even brought my sleeping bag

Inside the Goethe Room

Eric and Mike give it some

Musicians! And singers

Did someone mention Sex?

The Open Space Timetable

Bluebell and Heather having swapped hats

Rise Up Singing!

with chocolate!

Heather’s CafĂ© Choco Celtica!

a typical dodgy Quaker type, yesterday

Dodgy Quaker types………..

who burned the rules?


who’s that fat bastard?

Bluebell’s David Beckham sarong

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Group Photo from the firepit

how many bumps?

Michael’s Birthday

bluebell’s stew being clearly inedible lol

the last supper, or dinner

non vegan alas but no worries

Chocolate cake

splendid chap!

Orlando looking perplexed

a not so gentle Alexi Sayle?


managed to get the timer to work on the camera

In the main meeting room. Who’s that fat bastard?

a chilled sort of place?

Everyone’s gone home

yes it is a skirt not a sarong

bluebell (endymion non-scriptus) again

something for everyone!

The Library

now I’ve got your attention

Even a section on sex and marriage, popular subject!

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