Wednesday, September 06, 2006

All About Swinging

Got a message at myspace from a chap. My reply is below, I thought it was pretty good so will post to blog. If anyone knows all about swinging feel free to enlighten me.



> Just thought I'd send a message to say that I like your mean 'n moody stare!

news to me, but thanks anyway

> Tell me more about swinging!

what i know could no doubt be written on the back of a postage stamp so here goes.

one email contact said that there is a difference between swinging and wife swapping, but since single chaps aren't welcome anyway, it all seems to amount to the same thing.

Perhaps one day i will finally produce the sexual hierarchy flowchart, with smug married monos (including the respectably gay, the respectably gay looking down on the respectably hetro no doubt) looking down on the polyamorous, in turn looking down on swingers, in turn looking down on single men, especially terminally single men.

blessed be


Swinging of course

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