Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Joy of Socs! (part one of an occsaional series)

Ah Societies Fayre! And indeed the Student Experience! The University of Leeds has probably the greatest range of non sports societies for any University in these Islands.

Beer holds the Universe Together!

As Scotty would have said “Ye CANae change the Laws of PHYSOCs Jim!”

The Tories.  Today actually…

Ah Conservative Future, still rather colourful despite Jason Sender having repatriated himself, hi Jason if you are reading this! he was doctored first....

another view of the tory stall and a very nice midriff

not too keen on war myself, it is a rather rough sport…

Well, they are the jollier sort of people…. Save a war! Not a Hospital or School or indeed a Russell Group University. Funny how Blairite their policy on war and occupation is…..

And now a bit of Pink, not a Conservative Lady as far as I can tell. But you never know…..


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