Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vile Victorian Headwear

this morning went to The Swarthmore Education and Indoctrination Centre for first session of course on 5 Rhythms Dance.

with a name like ‘Swathmore’ methinks them dodgy Quaker types mite be involved….

Over the road from Swarthmore is a statue to one of the Vile Victorians, I forget his name, he was a Mayor of Leeds it would seem and they erected a statue of him complete with the traffic cone that he always wore in public, it was the fashion in those days and it takes all sorts……

The traffic cone lends a certain dignity to a City Father

Here he is from the side

maybe I can be a City Father one day….

And proudly looking down on His wonderful Vile Victorian City

it’s wot traffic cones were invented for….

If you want to get a head get a hat

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