Thursday, June 25, 2009

On to Rochdale!

Sunday morning 26 April 2009. Here is the step to the shelf. Its one small step for personkind and one giant leap for a man etc

thankfully I survived it lol

Bid Equinox and the lovely Equinox folk merry part and went to Manchester Mount Street Friends’ Meeting House for Meeting for Worship

The Manchester Conference was held here

And took some pictures

dodgy Quaker types yaya!

Then to Lincoln Square

or Manchester Square in Lincoln lol

The statue of Abraham Lincoln commemorates the solidarity shown by the Lancashire Cotton workers with the United States of Amerika in it’s struggle against the slave power. This was during the cotton famine in the Lancashire cotton belt which meant hardship, unemployment hunger and even death. Despite this the cotton workers met in Free Trade Hall and voted to support the United States. Call it an act of Christian Heroism never surpassed in any age or indeed a principled expression of solidarity by the oppressed and downtrodden with the oppressed and downtrodden.

Throughout his term of office the great emancipator of course wore a Yankees baseball cap and suitable Presidential Bling as shown.

Bling Bling!!!

Here I am with the Great Emancipator.

By the People! For the People!

And onto Rochdale. Here the Rochdale Pioneers opened their first store laying the foundations of the Great and Glorious Co-operative Movement!

The People’s Business!

Can I help you?

service with a smile!

We honour the Pioneers!

We Hail the Future!

And back to Leeds.

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