Friday, June 26, 2009

Textual Harassment (Part Seven and surprised how long has been the break...)

In no particular order of course

This one was anonymous of course

“NASA sent a woman and 2 chimps into space. Radio Messages were as follows:-NASA to chimp 1. Optimize life support systems and recalibrate radiation monitoring equipment. NASA to chimp 2 Check trajectory and compensate if req using fomula (m2-3n)x(5-m3). NASA to woman Hoover capsule, feed chimps, TOUCH FUCK ALL.”

Shocking, hope he never wanders into a nest of feminists like Nick Cage in the dreadful re-make of “The Wicker Man” or the consequences could be dire... LOL

Did reply

“They were female chimps though! :-p take it operating a computer beyond your brainpower these days... B x”

Anyway sent the following to my little Brother

“Just been reading in take a break 19/Mar/09 15 yr old girl turns down creep who did 2 years4kicking man2 death he pours vodka on her sets alite she survives..”

“But is mega scarred4life.. He now back inside minimum 2.6 years there r sum sick fuckers out there! Current sentence open ended but when will he be out? B x”

Some sick fuckers out there!

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