Wednesday, November 03, 2004

George Bush drives me to drink!

Bloody hell! They re elected that twit in the Whitehouse! Is Amerika a nation of Homer Simpsons!?!?! You plonkers! Oh well, that’s democracy. I remain a radical democrat.

Got lost on the way to Kabal’s temple. Would not have been so much of a problem except, had another 8 Kabalistas with me, and it was my responsibility to get them safely into the temple…. Thankfully another member of the Kommittee saved the day. Hope being route marched by Bluebell has not deterred anyone from attending future Kabal events. I really am a plonker!

After short Samhain ritual, did adjourn to John T.’s cottage to watch the coverage of the Amerikan Election. Cheers John for the goldstrike!

Currently hitting the special brew and praying for George Bush.

I blame John Kerry. Come back Bill Clinton, all is forgiven. Well maybe not and God bless the 2 term rule. At least he had the balls to see off Bush the Elder.

Yes, I have been living down a pothole in Patagonia for the last 2 decades, so my analysis of Amerikan politics is based on limited info. That said. It strikes me that alas, Kerry did not sell his vision of Amerika in the way that say, Clinton, Reagan, or Bush the younger did. Indeed, alas, I don’t think he really has one. He is too wet. It is no good that Bush the Younger has a credibility gap, a challenger with balls was needed. Cheers John!

Agree with John T. Why did not Kerry, or Dukakis for that matter, when accused of Liberalism say, “Yes! I am a Liberal. Amerika is a Liberal republic. The opposite of Liberalism is bigotry and tyranny. Amerika rise up and overthrow the tyrannical regime of George the Fifth with your votes!”


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