Friday, November 19, 2004

La Reyne le vault! Tally Ho!

Tally ho!

it cannot be controverted that the Hunting Act 2004 is, just, righteous, progressive, unprejudiced and fabulous! It is just 100 or so years overdue! It is also for me a silver lining on a lot of clouds.

Of course the Countryside Alliance are talking a load of bollocks. Grow up! OK it is not going to happen. But Game Over guys!

Oh and civil disobedience. No there is not a basic human right to torture animals for pleasure. Hunt with dogs in 90 days time in England and Wales and you are a common criminal. Ok, you might well get away with it, you probably see the Old Bill as your private security firm. But bloodsports have always been immoral, and from 18th October hunting with dogs will be illegal too.

I wonder if they really are shagging sheep when not torturing foxes… It would explain a bit of mental impairment. Britain’s ruling elite has been riddled with it since time immemorial. But I dirgress.

So celebrate everyone. Crack open the champagne Countryside Alliance! The nation rejoices! Join us!

Tally Ho!

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