Monday, November 08, 2004

Knickers and socks

It is 0511 hhrs, I have not slept. Finally catching up (much too late, sorry Seb) with minuteing a committee which I accidently got myself elected secretary of. To wit SEC. Now if all goes to plan, bearing in mind this is Leeds University Union, we are talking about, transport to NUS extraordinary conference leaves 0630 hhrs. So HASTA!

Friday bought myself some new knickers and socks. Oh and a sweatshirt. Saturday went to Bradford and bought t shirt, jogging bottoms and fleece jacket from market. Today did my laundry. Just as I was running out of clothing.

Cue Part of the Union by the strawbs. Yup I know, more male orientated that woody guthrie's original union maid. I just remember it from childhood. But then when I was a lad there was such a thing as unions....

Keep on dreaming!

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