Sunday, November 14, 2004

Re: muppet spectacular

Likesay, feel moved to publish this one. Hi Shelly if you read this! Likesay another one posted to faceparty.

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Re: muppet spectacular

Hi Shelly

> Who is Richard Bach?

a false preacher of feelgood daffodil spirituality. Famous for "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull" well worth a read and "Illusions - the adventures of a reluctant messiah" which is inspiring, but likesay pretty crass daffodil feelgood spirituality. I do agree with him that your one obligation in this lifetime is to be true to yourself (as, you cannot be true to yourself and crooked with your neighbours, loved ones and God)

> 58% wow think Ive talked to at least 58% of women having extra marital affairs lol....Ive never cheated on a partner while in a relationship ...but had a few flings with married and attached guys over the past few years.

kool! remember folk song matty groves. never consort with a married woman. and if you do make it your place not hers in case her hubby comes back with a Kalashnikov. why do people get so jealous...

> I can see women cheating if the husbands not very good in bed or satisfying them .

hmmm interesting. my problem with having monogamy as a compulsory ideal is that what if, there is not for one person, one other person who will satisfy all their needs and desires. a lot of mono relationships go down the pan of co-dependency where one or both partners give up too much viz their friends, career, education, hobbies, friends, sex life. and yes, my best friend is mono and is in an exclusive relationship.

likesay, how often I wonder can one other person satisfy all one other persons physical needs and desires alone. Many a letter to the red top tabloids agony aunts has a man written about how he and his wife are so much in love but she is insatiable physically..... it happens

love and liberation

bluebell xxx

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