Thursday, March 03, 2005

Control Freaks!

Boiling over in my mind, anger and aggression!”

I saw the headlines in the Daily Murdoch this morning

“THE BBC licence fee should be replaced by a tax on the ownership of a personal computer instead of a television, ministers said yesterday.”,,2-1508650,00.html

No, I didn’t buy a copy, the capitalist press makes me puke! But thanks for placing said article on the internet boys.

Now. Taxation is the price we pay for civilisation and irradiating Iraq with “depleted” uranium. But a tax on owning a word processor? Anyway, such a taxation is totally unnecessary. If the BBC did not exist it wouldn’t need funding.

Now, proposals to tax books have rightly been viewed as utter philistinism. A tax on computers would have to be seen as the same. Or would corporations and HM government be exempt? Does this government fear the free flow of information? or just that people might write the odd letter to the editor, their MP’s or those fun loving dudes in television licensing (haven’t bothered yet). I am not looking forward to living in a New Labour New Stalinist-Capitalist state where I have to dodge paying a petty poll tax on a word-processor to fund the instruments of oppression in the form of the broadcasting corporations. Hopefully this barking mad idea will be ditched. Can’t be counted on though, barking mad ideas go a long way in politics these days. And if implemented hopefully such a poll tax would go the same way as the previous poll taxes.

Speaking of which. I have not bought a television licence in years. I have no intention of doing so. I get a letter from those jolly chaps in telly licensing about once a month. It is perfectly legal not to pay this petty poll tax just so long as you don’t have a television. And since I have spent most of my adult life trying to avoid television. I am sick and tierd of it’s hypnotic glare. I am sick and tierd of the pro capitalist consumerist propaganda. I yearn for social contact and true community (which is of course a subversive thing in itself, too subversive for some self proclaimed “global revolutionaries" in my experience, but that’s another story).

Wake up to your dreamtime!

Throw your television out of the window (open window first and make sure that it does not land on a fellow creature (woman, man, sprog, puddycat, magpie or whatever) and hurt them).

The BBC is the voice of Babylon. Television is social control. Don’t buy a television licence, they will only spend it on drugs!

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