Sunday, March 06, 2005

I tell you these monos are part of a cult!

I once joked with girlfriday that her catchphrase was “I tell you it’s a cult”.

I wouldn’t want to lose my mono friends but I think they know where I stand by now, viz monogamy is sort of ok between consenting couples in private if well not really. “Do what you like in bed but don’t do it in the street where it might frighten the horses!”

I was in the Old Bar at a gathering of folks from the LUU website message boards and when chatting to one chap there, he said that he believed in monogamy but was not prepared to discuss it. Absolutely fine, discussion of sex and relationships is not compulsory. But hey, isn’t it characteristic of cults that you don’t really question the cult?

Funny, but when a cult has some non orthodox sexual practice, they are condemned for it (the only examples that spring to mind being The Family and the Rajneeshis) , whereas I suspect that most cults are into monogamy (examples being Harry Krishna, The Moonies, The Mormops, The Hubbardists, Jesus Army, Opus Dei, the Jobos and we could go on an on here……..).

I tell you these monos are part of a cult! :)

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