Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor is all over the media, today as ’Identifying abortion as a "very key issue" for Catholics, the cardinal said the "policy supported by Mr Howard is one that we would ... commend, on the way to a full abandonment of abortion".’

Now then. There can be no beating about the bush on this issue. I am pro choice. I am a man, and, without making medical history, I cannot get pregnant. Sure, if I was a woman, and therefore able to get pregnant, then perhaps I would be I a position to take a different stance, but I probably wouldn’t. As it is, I am not, and therefore am not.

I have never quite got the understood how a racket like the Church of Rome can expected to be taken seriously when they actually oppose family planning. How anyone can oppose family planning is beyond me. Yes, it is one of my enthusiasms one young lady even called me “Condom Man”, and why not, think of me as the rubber caped crusader for planned parenthood (and please count me out, want a vasectomy man!) and against nasty infections.

We can laugh I suppose, but in the poor world (including Ireland) such teachings of the Church of Rome cause real human misery on a massive scale (perhaps not as much as the poverty which probably deprives more people of family planning than the Catholic Hierarchy).

But back to reproductive rights. Frankly, there is something obscene about an all male hierarchy pontificating about difficult decisions during pregnancy. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU TOSSERS!

At least with the Mormops, although they have an all male hierarchy as well, at least it is one involved in the “family life” they preach, (but steer clear of reproductive rights lads). It was interesting hear a talk by a Catholic Priest about, amongst other things, the joys of an unmarried and at least nominally celibate man running classes in marriage preparation.

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