Monday, March 21, 2005

Est enim nulla pars mei quæ est nulla pars Deorum!

Oh it is nice to be hung over again! Yesterday was invited to what was possibly the first celebration of the Gnostic Mass in Latin. How’s that for a historical first! Likesay I speak Latin like a native. A native Brit, that is, who has had about 2 Latin lessons in this lifetime to be precise. I would be fascinated if Frater TS could provide a few further Latin phrases such as “Oooo my head”, “more special brew please” and so on.

Ok, after yesterday’s said celebration running on OTO time (Pagan Mean Time (PMT!) plus Y where Y is a variable amount of extra time, PMT being local standard time, in our case GMT, plus X where X is a variable) we adjourned to feast and cocktail party. The coctails had names like “Baphomet” and “Blue-lidded daughter of sunset”

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