Friday, November 19, 2004

La Reyne le vault! Tally Ho!

Tally ho!

it cannot be controverted that the Hunting Act 2004 is, just, righteous, progressive, unprejudiced and fabulous! It is just 100 or so years overdue! It is also for me a silver lining on a lot of clouds.

Of course the Countryside Alliance are talking a load of bollocks. Grow up! OK it is not going to happen. But Game Over guys!

Oh and civil disobedience. No there is not a basic human right to torture animals for pleasure. Hunt with dogs in 90 days time in England and Wales and you are a common criminal. Ok, you might well get away with it, you probably see the Old Bill as your private security firm. But bloodsports have always been immoral, and from 18th October hunting with dogs will be illegal too.

I wonder if they really are shagging sheep when not torturing foxes… It would explain a bit of mental impairment. Britain’s ruling elite has been riddled with it since time immemorial. But I dirgress.

So celebrate everyone. Crack open the champagne Countryside Alliance! The nation rejoices! Join us!

Tally Ho!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Whitehouse Cigar anyone?

Found on Girl Friday’s blog

social chameleon me? Well, said test is dependent on honesty of person who took test. Hmm. Well, I don’t think I have been known on Union Council for reflecting prevailing currents of opinion….. Whitehouse cigar anyone? Do you spit or inhale?

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Re: muppet spectacular

Likesay, feel moved to publish this one. Hi Shelly if you read this! Likesay another one posted to faceparty.

Hello new readers of this blog. Don’t forget to read everything in the archive.


Re: muppet spectacular

Hi Shelly

> Who is Richard Bach?

a false preacher of feelgood daffodil spirituality. Famous for "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull" well worth a read and "Illusions - the adventures of a reluctant messiah" which is inspiring, but likesay pretty crass daffodil feelgood spirituality. I do agree with him that your one obligation in this lifetime is to be true to yourself (as, you cannot be true to yourself and crooked with your neighbours, loved ones and God)

> 58% wow think Ive talked to at least 58% of women having extra marital affairs lol....Ive never cheated on a partner while in a relationship ...but had a few flings with married and attached guys over the past few years.

kool! remember folk song matty groves. never consort with a married woman. and if you do make it your place not hers in case her hubby comes back with a Kalashnikov. why do people get so jealous...

> I can see women cheating if the husbands not very good in bed or satisfying them .

hmmm interesting. my problem with having monogamy as a compulsory ideal is that what if, there is not for one person, one other person who will satisfy all their needs and desires. a lot of mono relationships go down the pan of co-dependency where one or both partners give up too much viz their friends, career, education, hobbies, friends, sex life. and yes, my best friend is mono and is in an exclusive relationship.

likesay, how often I wonder can one other person satisfy all one other persons physical needs and desires alone. Many a letter to the red top tabloids agony aunts has a man written about how he and his wife are so much in love but she is insatiable physically..... it happens

love and liberation

bluebell xxx

Friday, November 12, 2004

Almost persuaded…… (Acts 26:28)

Hangover free day number one. Fancy a Christian?

Beware of false preachers

My current condition. I am feeling very lonely. I have more than a few practical theological issues to deal with. Mostly an ex friend who has had a few psychotic episodes, one of which was prolonged, and I was there for her throughout. I would feel bad about myself if I terminated a friendship on the grounds of a friend’s severe mental health difficulty. And to be honest, I think most people I know would have. Was chatting to a Friend last night who pointed out that yes, this friendship died, or was killed due to said ex friend’s character flaws. Hmmm. Yes I know, it would be wrong to terminate a friendship on the grounds that said friend had character flaws/was a sinner. I would have very few friends if I did. True enough I have very few friends, but no. This was a case of constructive dismissal. This was a close friendship and in close friendships we risk pain as well as well as finding joy (Advices and Queries 21 QFP 1:02). I took risks, too many perhaps, came away terminally hurt. And yes down to her character flaws, but more importantly her failure to repent. No I would not end a friendship on the grounds that said friend was a sinner. And yes, last year I learned that being ethical is not just about doing the right thing, it is about taking the flak for it. And yes, at the end of the day, I made the mistake of assuming that our friendship meant something to her. You cannot make someone love you, and a friend, pace any English dictionary, is someone you love and loves you.

Funnily enough, there seem to be very few “Fuck Off out of my life forever!” songs, despite popular music’s obsession with romance. The one that sort of springs to mind is “It’s too late baby” by Carole King. Thing is there is no we in it for me. I was trying she was not.

Now. Back to Christians. Just occasionally spam amuses me. The more I look at this site the more I giggle. Firstly, no, “Christians” hardly inflame passion down in the basement, nothing quite fells my timber like a “Christian”, which of course is the whole point innit? “No sex please we are Christians”.

Next. Funny how it seems to be Amerika only. Some personal columns seem to be restricted to Amerika because of the software design, viz having a required field of zip code or state. And of course us non Amerikans have not been given a zip code yet. And the 51st state never gets listed under Amerika. Still I chuckle. I am sure many non Christians would love for Christianity to be confined to Amerika. Far be it from me to wonder if some Amerikans are so insular and Chauvinistic as to consider all Non Amerikans as to be beyond salvation, and perhaps in need of conversion to Amerikanism before conversion to “Christianity”. Cue Landover Baptist Church where the worthwhile worship, the unsaved are unwelcome, and the unsaved include foreigners ipso facto.

Further. I am a little shocked that they don’t ask for relationship type. I am sure this is just an oversight on their part. After all I am sure they sincerely wish every Christian to find a respectable mono relationship and would not wish to indulge in the sin of homophobia. Perhaps if I emailed them they would put this one right.

Next. Must confess I do agree with them setting the minimum age at 25. Ooops I secretly believe that no one should marry too young, or do a marriage relationship under the age of 25. If only the under 25’s would stick to fun sex and loving poly relationships. If only the over 25’s would as well but that is another story. Fornicate to the glory of God young person!

Finally. Curious that this site has a minimum income of 25 000 USD but no maximum income. Have these guys not read the bible?

Almost persuaded? Not in my case but don’t be taken in! BEWARE OF FALSE PREACHERS!!!! You have been warned.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Knickers and socks

It is 0511 hhrs, I have not slept. Finally catching up (much too late, sorry Seb) with minuteing a committee which I accidently got myself elected secretary of. To wit SEC. Now if all goes to plan, bearing in mind this is Leeds University Union, we are talking about, transport to NUS extraordinary conference leaves 0630 hhrs. So HASTA!

Friday bought myself some new knickers and socks. Oh and a sweatshirt. Saturday went to Bradford and bought t shirt, jogging bottoms and fleece jacket from market. Today did my laundry. Just as I was running out of clothing.

Cue Part of the Union by the strawbs. Yup I know, more male orientated that woody guthrie's original union maid. I just remember it from childhood. But then when I was a lad there was such a thing as unions....

Keep on dreaming!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

George Bush drives me to drink!

Bloody hell! They re elected that twit in the Whitehouse! Is Amerika a nation of Homer Simpsons!?!?! You plonkers! Oh well, that’s democracy. I remain a radical democrat.

Got lost on the way to Kabal’s temple. Would not have been so much of a problem except, had another 8 Kabalistas with me, and it was my responsibility to get them safely into the temple…. Thankfully another member of the Kommittee saved the day. Hope being route marched by Bluebell has not deterred anyone from attending future Kabal events. I really am a plonker!

After short Samhain ritual, did adjourn to John T.’s cottage to watch the coverage of the Amerikan Election. Cheers John for the goldstrike!

Currently hitting the special brew and praying for George Bush.

I blame John Kerry. Come back Bill Clinton, all is forgiven. Well maybe not and God bless the 2 term rule. At least he had the balls to see off Bush the Elder.

Yes, I have been living down a pothole in Patagonia for the last 2 decades, so my analysis of Amerikan politics is based on limited info. That said. It strikes me that alas, Kerry did not sell his vision of Amerika in the way that say, Clinton, Reagan, or Bush the younger did. Indeed, alas, I don’t think he really has one. He is too wet. It is no good that Bush the Younger has a credibility gap, a challenger with balls was needed. Cheers John!

Agree with John T. Why did not Kerry, or Dukakis for that matter, when accused of Liberalism say, “Yes! I am a Liberal. Amerika is a Liberal republic. The opposite of Liberalism is bigotry and tyranny. Amerika rise up and overthrow the tyrannical regime of George the Fifth with your votes!”


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

All The Leaves Are Brown

…….. and the sky is grey. Alcohol free day number 19. Great fun no doubt to be had at the Kabal Samhain ritual. It is raining, the sky is grey, it will be dark before 1530 hhrs, but thankfully I won’t be doing site preparation as it clashes with a committee meeting, my role is to round the godly people up on the steps of the Union and lead them in an exodus to our temple in a green wood. Somewhere.

Oh, and message for anyone reading this in Amerika. Please don’t re-elect that twit in the Whitehouse. His presidency so far has been an unmitigated disaster. In any other part of the world he would not be elected even onto a parish council, he has a credibility gap.

Welcome to my private diary. It might as well be. Although. One thing I agree with Richard Bach in my current condition is, live never to regret if something you write is published somewhere in the world. Also, may I add an expansion. Write, caring not if anyone reads it.

“but what canst thou say? Art thou a child of Light and hast walked in the Light, and what thou speakest is it inwardly from God?" George Fox 1652 (Quaker Faith and Practice 19:07)

hey it is 1637 hhrs GMT and it is dark. The joys of living at higher latitudes (same latitude as Southern Alaska).


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