Monday, September 22, 2008

What I did in my holidays (Part Seven Happy Hippies Going Greener)

Ah Northern Green Gathering! AKA Hippies Up North/Men in Dresses. What follows is a photoblog perhaps almost by default. It was yet again another unforgettable trip!

This year we were at Lime Tree Funny Farm for possibly the first time. Well I got to site, cost me 15 UKP in a taxi fare from Ripon, ho hum…. Managed to get my tent up. Not entirely sure why there are no pics from that first night. Anyway lets kick off with some of the lovely site art here in the Yoghurt weavers field.

perhaps I will be a bit of a yoghurt weaver when I grow up..

Here is a close up.

splendid firm

Some more fabulous art, this I think for the main stage.


Nice close up of the head.

nice indeed

Another random shot

no comment

And another shot of the birdie in flight to the main stage I think.

use your imagination

Here is the Magic Hat horse and cart….. giving some rides round the site…..

Go by Horse!

Here’s Trailer Trash, a splendid firm indeed!

still don’t know what they do

And for those who missed the mud at Crustymania…..

actually making ovens out of mud.. well what else are they made off…

Here is the site moggie, thoroughly non plussed….

fucking hippies!

Now, the permaculture folk had a cunning plan, viz to sow some rye, and hopefully if we were at the same site next year, we could harvest it, bake bread and indeed break bread… so here on the manure heap is what Peter the farmer reckons is a wild sunflower.

Flower Power!

Here it is in long view

although it is technically a weed….

Here’s the Knitting Knoras

All the way from Bolton

Here they are in close up….

hi Liz

Forgive us our trespasses….


Here’s a general view of the craft area

Crafty! Yeah man!

Now, did I mention did agree to help with preparation in order to sow rye seed. In order to grow rye in order to make bread at next Hippies Up North. Well here I am, a revolting peasant hard at work, but dressed for the job of course lol.

See even joined the Green Wellies Set

Here I am again shifting the manure…

Thank you Mr Wilkinson….

Herewith the field to grow the rye.

Can we comeback next year please Peter?

Greenies love their pottery!

It has been said they like their pot but there you go

Make Stuff Out Of Wood!. You know you want to!

I got wood once.

Some lovely volunteer stewards!

Hello Ros!

Delivering firewood to the firepit via the magic hat haulage.

Glorious! Isn’t it!

Some tents.



Free Tibet!

And traditionally, we uphold tradition that Saturday night at Northern Green Gathering is Camp Ball.

fishnets from wilkinsons, of course…

And let’s have a cup of tea!

England takes drugs in psychic defence lol

Inside the chill-out tent provided by the lovely sustainable sounds


Pray who is Craig David out of Bo Selecta?


A view of the main stage powered by the wind and sun with lovely organic ale bar.

there is so much to do!

Nice random shot forget where.

Feel the Love!

Give a Hippy a Lift! You know you want to!

Don’t think she was waiting long

Inside Sunny Jim’s Solar Cabaret!

Some amazing stuff was heard from

Some more lovely stewards. The lovely Semra demonstrating that the fluorescent hi-vis jacket is THE must have fashion accessory for style conscious goths

A very nice Goth in Residence…

More lovely lovely stewards in this case some lovely stewards from the most excellent team 3 after final shift. Yeah we did it!

We Rock!

Random wellies shot. Well had to have one, in this case Becky’s from welfare crew.

Hi Becky! Love you!

And Northern Green’s wonderful logo. Very clever, in accordance with magickal principals to bring lovely weather as well as promote a wonderful swish corporate image. Or maybe not.

Summerisle welcomes Christians, Coppers, Virgins and Careful Drivers

And let’s encourage public transport, cycling, and of course car sharing and hitch hiking….

Happy Hitching One And ALL!

Good to see the magick Chip van again to wit Nomad. And of course Sue and Marks Sauna (SAMS) which really made Northern Green 2006 in my opinion when it was rained and mudded out. It made it again this year cheers dudes! And well done to all the lovely disorganisers, traders, crew and of course ticket holders who made it all possible, hope you all had a good one!

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again!

Go Green!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What I did in my holidays (Part Six – a roll in the mud (and the rest!) at Crustymania….)

Ah Shamania. Four days of “psy-trance”. Not my idea of fun. What had I signed myself up for!!!! Still I had been assured that it was a “spiritual” festi, and no doubt it would be an experience…. Should with hindsight have put a heavier disclaimer on it when discussing it with my mum, but hey she is a big girl now…. Didn’t discover until I got the ticket that there would be no shower on site, didn’t discover till I got there that there was no drinkable or washable water… Oh how civilised we are at Northern Green……

Anxiously did I watch the programme on Youtube…..

and 9 parts....

Anyway. Had my usual last minute panic leaving my flat…… One day I will learn to travel light. Made it from home to Nelson in 2 bus journeys, not bad! Met mum at Nelson train station… well eventually it is a building site at the moment…..

Lovely saga trying to get a taxi to site…… There is a big hotel by the station that must be the main landmark in Nelson, and said taxi firm is in the same street… could they find me and mum? Well they did eventually and get us to site…………

So finally made it to site, checked in with Mike the Intensive CareBear, and got tent up.

Nice site art……………


Already the mud was there…

have you spotted the deliberate mistake yet?

Feel the LOVE! Rite way round this time….


Now this will look good lit up at night….

can you see what it is yet?

One of the somewhat related stewards

ello Mum!

Think this is the main stage or something….

likesay was never a cheesy quaver myself…

There’s nothing like an English Summer… so sang Annie Lennox who is not of course English but Scottish. But there you go…


As if by magick a lake appeared! This one is called Jeff!

bet it’s still there…..

And beware of the troll!

it probably ate the last photographer lol

Welcome to Crustymania!!!

You’ll never leave….

Some funny looking chaps in florescent HI-VIS jackets…

takes all sorts I suppose….

Great bumper sticker

Give Me That Olde Time Religion!!

As Alexi Sayle said, “I don’t like the countryside, it hasn’t got a roof over it…..”

the Northern mayhem continues hehe

Lovely weather heading our way!

hehe who invoked Shiva!

Nice sentry box for lovely security.
they did a great job!

Runic John, c/w hammer….

LTNS John!

Site art, mud and grass where now there is mud……

this is England, it rains, it gets muddy

Close up

did you bring your wellies?

Happy Campers!!

To Your Tents O Israel!

Mud etc……..

with some happy traders of course

Written In Mud!

says it all really….


Endymion non-scriptus

More straw for exquisite dancing…

likesay not my scene music and dancewise

Looking up in Fraktals Café!


The soil was I think peat. We were on top of a hill. Large vehicles sank into the mud. Small vehicles sank into the mud. The people sank into the mud…. This made it’s way to Fracktals Café, says it all really…

fancy tripping at crustymania?

When your wellies are sunk into the mud you are pretty much stable. It is getting out you might lose your balance….

Dunno how they got this kite in the air…. It’s pretty high up

High as a kite man!!

The Healers at work, after a lovely meditation on Love!

good meditation

Look at the mud on this site!!!!! Here come the cleaners…..

perhaps they gave up! LOL


Free Tibet!

Playing with fire… might end up in the tourist guide to Pendle….

came with my ticket

Main doo-dah lit up at night, nice and colourful eh?


Look! Captain Pugwash on the Television again! That takes me back

I’m showing my age…

Mud! Mud! Glorious Mud!

no I don’t know all the words…

There is a light that never goes out…

reference to ‘trainspotting’

Said it would look good lit up at night…

can you see what it is yet?

The farmer drives a nice Lamba! Did a sterling job pulling all the vehicles out of the mud!

Cheers Chris you are a star!

Here it is close up, really is a Lamba!

great chat up line?

Bear shows a bit of Flower Power!

splendid chap!

Who let the riff-raff in! Well at least they are dressed for the occasion! LOL

think they might be the cleaning ladies lol

The sheep show their comtempt….

fucking hippies! Baa! Fucking hippies! Baaa! Baa!

Welcome to Shamania! You Will Never Leave!


Beautiful Countryside…

a gap in the rain…

The Proletariat in the crew kitchen..

crew catering was dire….
Your stewards, some of them.

ello mum!

Seems healing took a dive….

I survived Crustymania!!!

A remarkable alchemical transformation brought about by rain…


And the real magick! Mum and I escaped at the first opportunity, got a taxi into Nelson, I bid her goodbye and headed to the bus station, when what do I see…. Go by broom!!!

never heard of them before….

Probably be £2.50 to Manchester though lol

likesay Magick!

So farewell to Crustymania. It was an experience… my thanks to all who made it happen.

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