Saturday, April 25, 2009

Across the Pennines

Wonder if photobucket is always going to be ridiculously slow.......

Yesterday set off across the Pennines. Going by bus and via Rochdale in the hope of calling into Toad Lane. Set off much too late so will hopefully be tomorrow.

It’s Green Up North

Love it!

Coming into Halifax

not a bad Town Hall

And from Halifax bus station a lovely lowryesque upland scene

beautiful uplands, an arse to cycle round though

Here is the top of the pennines.

cycling up from Lancashire side looks a killer.....

Here is Lancashire side

maybe one day

And here is a Particular Baptist Chapel!

Must have been lots of Particulars!

I arrive in Manky

lived to tell the tale

Pass through Co-op corner looking for a bus to Longsight

The People’s Business!

A statue of the Immortal (though sadly now dead) Robert Owen


The Town Hall

and my batteries died

Hopefully more to follow, can’t say when though........

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Roll Out the Barrel! (occasional photoblogging part whatever of whatever)

Damn, is it me or is photobucket slow? Anyway here goes. Perhaps blogging always takes more time than expected even a quickie post, hence it’s decline. But then even in the golden age of blogging, which I seem to have missed alas, 97% of internet users had never dialed up a blog, or so I heard on the radio.

Must be lots of pics of this ample statue, but here is mine. A gift from Leeds twin city.

Roll Out the Barrel!

Here he is from another angle

Two cities united in love of beer?

And here’s the sign.

Make beer not war!

Rite, better get a bath and bus to Sheepscar.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Blogging from home (part one of an occasional or very occasional series)

I’m very low in energy at the moment. Facial pain, Insomnia, dissertation blues etc...

Anyway a blog post or ten is well overdue so will do my best.

Here’s a random shot of the brand spanking new Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building

more on the ziffs later?

Bloody daffodils!

careful readers of my writings will know that I rail against feelgood daffodil spirituality

Something else growing all by itself in the front garden. No doubt the rargwort will be up again soon. The rest of the garden is of course a slug farm and ragwort plantation...

flower power

Here’s the obamagedon shot in context.

ah graphitti art becoming photography and blogged the alchemical transformations

Not got my head round the graphics editor. A close up shows a bar code, so Obamacoded...


And here is the shelf I put up today. Well done me!

Well done Bluebell!

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