Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just an Ordinary Redneck Millionaire Creationist Fundamentalist Amerikan Guy

Likesay when I heard that Creationist/Fundamentalist Empire Answers in Genesis were planning a replica ark attached to their Creation 'Museum' with millions in tax breaks in a State short on science Educashun... I thought aha!

Creationists like to say that there are separately created 'kinds' and that evolution didn't happen.  It is intersting that they accept some evolution happens.  When asked to define 'kinds' they fudge.  So if it happens it will be interesting to see how many Kinds (funnily enough the New Jerusalem translation of the Bible says Noah took two of every species, but then the Roman Catholic Church accepts Evolution) go two by two onto the Answers in Genesis Ark.  Likesay this one wants watching.

So with this in mind I found the following post on the Ark site of Answers in Genesis from 'David'


'Im wondering, was Noah a billionaire of his time?

I note it's costing $24 Mil to build a modern-day ark, and there certainly must be a team of construction/trades workers for the task (obviously they don't work for free, and certainly didn't in Noah's day, even if there even WERE non-slave-laborer craftsmen for hire in 2,300 BC!).

And surely the "Home Depots" of his time (as if they existed, LOL!) presumably didn't just give away their tools, tons of lumber and other construction materials (pitch tar, etc).

And what did Noah and his Sons do for physical sustenance for themselves and their families while they devoted their lives to building the Ark?

Hence my question: had Noah amassed the fortune of a King to pull off a construction project that rivaled that of Egyptian pharoah's building of the pyramids (or at least the Titanic ship-building project of more recent times)?'

Well I am happy to accept that Noah was a Regular (Redneck Creationist Fundamentalist Amerikan) Guy who just happened to be a millionaire.  Perhaps he ran a 'creationist ministry' or some other nice little earner.

Here is the reply from 'Stephen'

'Naturally we don't fully know how the ark was built (with labor I mean). It seems reasonable that Noah would have had help.'

Oh yeah?  Who would help someone build an Ark to escape the flood without hitching a lift?

'With a significantly lower population, property could easily be staked off in big chunks. Wouldn't necessarily mean he was wealthy as we would think of it. Perhaps he just had a lot of land. He could have traded land for labor.'

Ok makes sense.  He gets it all back after the flood.  I will let 'Stephen' finish.

'It is also possible that his land would have had a lot of the resources he needed for building the ark. Mining that material could have happened before or after the "sale." Land would have been much richer in the distribution of its resources prior to the flood.

The same would be true of the food that was gathered for their sustenance. The food of the day would have been "greens," nuts and seeds. That's not difficult to store or gather. There is also trade to consider for anything else they might have needed.

All in all, Noah could have easily been an ordinary man of his day just using what was around him.'

well except that he was a millionaire.

Likesay this is one to watch if it does get off the ground.  As it were.  It will certainly be interesting how many 'Kinds' end up on the ark and what gets left out.  Gets a bit tricky with two fully grown diplodici' but then they could indeed have been babies or football sized eggs.  Funny how the bible doesn't mention this.  It is only athiests/sodomites/communists/darwinists/liberals who are not up for doing the most amazing mental somersaults and still not manage to fit it all together.  JAH moves in mysterious ways indeed.

I suspect the question is not are they going to have to cheat to make this replica ark but how much.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Creationism 404

I had to laugh. Answers in Guinness is one of the leading creationist rackets in Amerika. They are responsible for the large Creationist 'museum' in Kentucky.

For The Living Dinosaur's excellent take on Ken Ham

Voting for this year's Converted and Prestigious Golden Crocoduck Award closes on the 14th.

It is awarded for the greatest breach of the ninth commandment in pursuance of the Creationist Cause. Ken Ham the not so pious founder of Answers in Guinness is not nominated for this year's award but may well be in the running for next year alongside stiff competition from Harun Yahya. For this year I am thinking Ian Juby. The other front runners being somewhat related Eric Hovind (brainpower can skip two generations) and Megasage007.

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