Thursday, November 02, 2017

Film Review: The Square

A nice opening to the 2017 Leeds International Film Festival in the Town Hall. The magnificent Victoria Theatre pre-dating moving pictures by a number of years. So people first came to concerts in this theatre, in this town Hall, before Loui Le Prince filmed the Leeds Bridge and his Garden in Roundhey. Sorry Upper Harehills.

No spoilers. A art gallery curator has a series of misadventures that just will not go away, interacting awkwardly with the marginalised in society with his colleagues and others. Certainly a film for everyone, especially if like me you also feel on occasion, awkward with 'tramps'.

'A gated community is a very aggressive way of saying

'We are not taking responsibility for what's on the outside, we look on that as a threat'' Ruben Ostlund

I agree absolutely! Though I would put 'Community' in inverted commas if preceded by the word 'Gated'. Ruben probably would as well. True Community is about Inclusivity not Exclusion.

A good film that for the most part held my attention with some real moments. I reflect on how awkward I feel myself towards the excluded and marginalised. One excellent moment where the deep social & political message of the film came out. I think about right, better than constant propaganda of course. Perhaps it will be better with a second viewing, but in my current condition I am not tempted.

So yes for my gut feeling, good in an OK sort of way. 3/5.

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