Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bachelor and Artist!

Graduation Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget what time I had set my alarm for. Put a pot of coffee on and cooked a fried breakfast for two (the lovely Pamela was enjoying my hospitality). Well a special occasion for sure!

Ok a bit of a rambling post. I will post a big thank you for all the many people who have made my graduation possible. Please bear with me however.

After not so much dropping out of polytechnic, not University in them days, thought I was never going to graduate. Just everyone else. Then I moved to Leeds and to Cornerstone and tidying up at number 16 found a flier for some semester 2 modules in archaeology in the old School of Continuing Education of the University of Leeds. I enrolled and headed for the Union Bar. And the magnificent libraries. So the rest is history. Under considerable difficulty I completed a part time degree programme in Local and Regional History. On Monday 14th December 2009 ce I was admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Local and Regional History with honours class 2:2.

Back to Graduation Day. After breakfast and a shower put on my graduation suit and with Pamela got a taxi to the Parkinson steps. Was joined by Dad, Mum and Ben (mum’s 3rd ex). To the queue for tickets. What an experience! Chap behind me was collecting a masters in music. Then off to collect the cap and gown. By tradition graduands at Leeds do not wear the mortar board cap during the degree congregation. I had however bought the hat from Weed & Ravenscroft. Long story sent it back as it was too small and its currently lost in the post despite being sent special delivery. They gave me a hire mortar board in the interim. Definitely wanted to get the pictures, and Mum said she couldn’t wait to see me in a cap and gown. And over the years it has been perhaps a minor motivating factor, the once in a lifetime opportunity to wear a peculiar hat and gown.

Here I am framed against a Doric pillar of the Parkinson Court.

Does anyone read this?  No doubt I could get away with murder here hehe

And here is the three Degrees shot. Though Dad says he has a masters so that makes four.

though I was still a graduand at this point.. so 3 degrees.. though the scroll says 4...

Left to right Dad (Dave Wareham, Open Univesity graduate), me, and Mum (Chrystal Orme, BA in Psychology as a mature student at Liverpool).

Here I am with the Brotherton Library in the background through the window


So after another coffee off we set to the Great Hall.

Lots of hanging about

i forget

We were told to be at the great hall for 10:15 hhrs Universal Time….. It was at this point I learned from Malcolm Chase that Michael Arthur was to preside, so the delay seemed all the more odd. Still we got there in the end and it was good to have received my scroll from the Chairman of the Russell Group.

Here is Professor Chase being asked for autographs

A Famous Historian

Here is the Great Hall our eventual destination….

Redbrick and gothick

A lovely shot of Pamela, left to right Dad, Pamela (mum behind) and Ben

She has a lovely smile

Still queuing.

Good job it didn’t rain at this point still hadn’t scored a brolly

Finally got there!!!!!! A seat for one Bluebell New Jerusalem Eikonoklastes!

I’m speshul!

Lots more waiting around

Pretty impressive this Great Hall! What has Reading to offer Becky O?

We continue to wait and the marshals confer. They did a marvelous job of getting every graduand into the right seat. Then as we are called up, our name is checked against the list twice.

or are they the stewards

A view of the gallery

Likesay being an LRH anorak

Looking again up to the stage lots of green hoodies. The University is my ghetto!

Its way past my bedtime...

All Rise!

We are moving at last! In come the platform crew and the mace party

Still Happy Proud and Thrilled!!!!

Here’s the Mace

Oh Happy Birthday Dad!

Likesay ceremony itself is on a webcast


So likesay call comes out, all rise, we all rise, in come assorted tutors followed by the mace party to wit Michael Arthur the Vice Chancellor, the University Secretary and the Mace bearer. Doctor Mike makes a great speech, calls for thanks and applause for

1. the Graduands, that’s us, a credit to ourselves, our families, and our University etc

2. The teaching staff, represented by them up on the platform

3. The parents, partners, friends and supporters of the Graduands.

4. All the staff of the University, all a vital part of the University as a community. And many present to receive long service awards.

Then all the graduands presented for degrees, one at a time, applause!

I was towards the end, got a wonderful knowing nod from Doctor Stella Cottrell, Director of the Lifelong Learning Centre and she pronounced my name spot on!

Up the 7 steps I go, Doctor Michael congratulated me and wished me well. Didn’t quite know what to say. “Cheers Dude!” I said with enthusiasm!

The Degree Congregation in action

And here is a shot of fellow grads with degrees.

didn’t we do well!

And another shot.

Some BScs, them with the medium green hoodie

The VC declared the congregation closed and out went the mace party. The music played was Hallelujah! How appropriate! For me at least! I got there at last!

And out of the Great Hall we go in order and down the staircase

Thoroughly enjoying myself!!!!

A self portrait

Only my second trip to the Great Hall

Down we go past some gaudy Victorian terracotta. Digging this vile Victorian vibe!!

Happy Proud and Thrilled!

The Early Childhood Studies BA’s, with an early child.

A good practical degree from a good practical university WE ROCK!!

The big wide world awaits

Out into the world for service

Lots of graduates. In the background is Botany house.

We are Leeds! We are Leeds! WE ARE LEEDS!!!!!

The Local and Regional History crew, class of December 2009.

Glad you came Ed!

On to the departmental reception in the Lifelong Learning Centre.

My thanks to all at the LLLC

From left to right Ben (ex stepfather), Mum, Dad, Pamela and Bluebell.

To the Bar!!!!!!!!! Mine’s a pint!

it is wine! Not cranberry juice! LOL

Another Old Bar shot.

yay! Anna’s!

Pamela the scholar

suits her!

Pamela checking arsebook in the Union Bar like a true student

possibly down on one of her many farms…

In Essentials, the Union’s in-house supermarket

Alas did not bump into old Curry-Oke partner Ange, another time

With Parkinson

Word Class Phallic Architecture!

Parkinson Steps Anna, sorry Shot, er picture

Mitchell if you are reading this why they called Annas again?

A view of the Parkinson Court

the coffee bar

And off to the official photography.

A couple of masters here

Is there a Disrobing room?

its called the gown return room but life could be more beautiful…

Some robes

A couple of hats snuggle together for warmth and so on

Mine and Pamela’s

And here it is! The Scroll!

Better keep it safe and get a frame

Perhaps I will write more another day. But best get this posted and go home.

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