Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Medieval Curry

It is a fascinating fact that the earliest English recipe book was “The Forme of Cury” by King Richard the second’s head chef. No doubt it contained recipes for red hot vindaloos and dhals fit for a king. I read it in a book (“The Chronicles of The Wars of the Roses” general editor Elizabeth Hallam published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson in London 1988 page 153) so it must be true.

King Richard II of England sitting on the throne after a hot madrass with 20 poppadums

Not a film review

I could not believe it! Passed a couple of friends in the street off to see star wars 3!

It cannot be controverted that Star Wars the trilogy was a classic.

Star Wars 1 was a turkey. Virtually no plot, what plot there was had more holes than the ozone layer and special effects for the sake of special effects.

So anything post Star Wars 1 by George Lucas I will give it a miss thank you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kiss Kiss!

Kiss Kiss! or should that be rivet! rivit!  would you kiss a bluebell......

Spotted a greetings card which made my day. “Sorry darling”, an older lady tells a younger one, “You have no chance of meeting Prince Charming as he has moved in with Mr Right”

And get this! they are in a closed polyamourous quad with George Michael and his husband LMAO!

Now let us be happy for the happy couples.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Favourite Positions?

An STV (sexually transmitted voting, (or alternatively single transferable vote)) anoraks dream!

Hey! Look! that chap on the right has his hand on his tinkerbell!  altogether now 'We should today regard masturbation as a symptom of a disturbed and disorganised personality. '

So what is your favourite position? vote here and the result will be counted by stv. And if there are some variants I have missed out, do let me know and I might add them.

Likesay, STV is dead easy to understand, position you would like to be most of the time gets your first preference, and then on to your second preference and so on.

Nice to see that currently woman on top positions are out on top!

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