Friday, December 09, 2011

Kermit the Communist, Infamous Liberals and Conservapedia

According to Yahoo:-

'The Muppets’ has been accused of brainwashing children with a liberal agenda after making its villain a rich oil baron called Tex Richman.'

'US TV anchor Eric Bolling, who works for Fox Business Network, said ‘The Muppets’ showed "liberal Hollywood depicting a successful businessman as evil – that's not new,” before asking Dan Gainor of the Media Research Centre if Hollywood is brainwashing children.'

'“Absolutely,” Gainor replied. “And they've been doing it for decades... Ultimately, what they’re telling kids is what they told you in the movie ‘The Matrix’: that mankind is a virus on poor, old Mother Earth.' consulted 8 december 2011 ce

So Kermit is a Communist and a Liberal? You know I would never have thought so. But then I am quite openly an Ultra Liberal and damn proud of it!

Isn't a Liberal someone who rightly supports Liberty and opposes tyranny?

Cue The Levellers?

Or to look in a dictionary:-

5.Free from prejudice or narrow-mindedness; open-minded, open to new ideas, willing to depart from established opinions, conventions etc.; permissive.
Her parents had liberal ideas about child-rearing.

6.(politics) Open to political or social changes and reforms in favour of increased freedom or democracy.

However... over in Amerika 'Liberal' is a bit of a dirty word. If there was a liberal bias in the media then it certainly wouldn't be. Every Presidential Candidate would be loudly proclaiming their liberalism. After all Amerika was founded as a Secular Liberal Republic by Deists.

But according to Conservapedia

'A liberal (not to be confused with a "leftist") is someone who rejects traditional and biblical standards, often for delusionally altruistic reasons'

Pretty off the wall. Don't get me wrong I am Liberal enough to believe that freedom is freedom to be completely off the wall, to believe what we do, or wish to etc. And yes, believe what you wish, but special creationism (the belief that the various forms of life began abruptly through the agency of an intelligent creator with their distinctive features already intact. Fish with fins and scales, birds with feathers, beaks, and wings, etc) is Complete Bollocks! Not Bollocks, Total Bollocks! And Conservapedia is basically a Creationist/Fundamentalist work of wishful thinking. It would be hillarious if it were not so kooky. So presumably Conservapedia would accept that Kermit the Kommie is a Notorious Liberal if they accept that Hitler, Stalin, Darwin and Professor Dawkins?


but apparantly not. As you can see above some bright spark seems to have added Kermit the Kommie to this list only for it to be removed. Maybe the 7 Infamous Liberals has some Occult significance......

but would you believe it, our anti-liberal 'conservative' friends at Conservapedia believe that Eric Bolling, our Fox newscaster was giving false information.


Maybe the conservapedians believe that Kermit wasn't a liberal, or a communist, or just not infamous enough, or there wasn't room on the list of seven. Or maybe they think him a Conservative Redneck Creationist Good Ole' Boy!

I could go on all night. Conservapedia's content is curious in all sorts of ways. Having classed Stalin, Hitler, Darwin and Dawkins as Infamous Liberals, it is remarkable that they have English Socialist George Orwell as a conservative thinker ON THE FRONT PAGE....

One wonders. In the through the looking glass closed universe of conservapedia is a liberal someone they disagree with and a conservative someone that they agree with or think they agree with. Their page on conservative films would add weight to such a view as well as providing a few giggles....

Anyway the liberal media conspiracy has no indepenent existance outside the paranoid delusional minds of the far right. The media by definitionis heirarchical

Ah the curious mind of the fundamentalists. At war with reality. A black and white view of the world and permitting no compromise or concession.

Looks alas like this one is going to run and run.....

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