Sunday, October 31, 2004

Monogamous Society? I think not!

Female Reader’s poll, New Woman magazine March 1994

58% had had sex with a man other than their husband
86% had thought about having an affair
84% of those who had affairs did not tell their husbands
60% of those having affairs also described themselves as “happily married”.
54% of those having affairs did not feel at all guilty about it
58% believe their marriage is the same or better since having an affair
46% of those having affairs stay married to their husband because they still love him.

Quoted by Merrick in “Sexyouality- challenging the culture of monogamy


Alcohol free day number 17. Well, 18 really. Like despite not drinking, feel rough as shit. Still here. Not complaining. All will be well again.

Happy Samhain one and all! Did an early early Samhain last night at Niki and Gaz’s house warming party. Nothing like doing a ritual at a party. Kabal’s Samhain ritual is on Tuesday, in a green wood. It might rain.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Species of Blogger?

Hangover free day number 14. Blatantly ripped off from Human Oddities and Mishaps. Time I had a counter to see how many people are not visiting this blog. Am I paranoid or what?

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few.

I tell you no lies! ;)

Monday, October 25, 2004

Re: hasselhoff truffle

Hangover free day number eleven. Not that I rate my mental arithmetic pretty highly at the moment. Very drowsy, perhaps because of an overdose of valerian.

Anyway, feel moved to post this reply to a message I received at Faceparty. Think it speaks for itself. I have corrected grammar and spelling. Oh, and my Faceparty handle is maycontainnuts.


Re: hasselhoff truffle

Hi Jen

Thanks for your message

> Hippys rock!

aye! Peace and Love!

> That message really made me laugh. Thanks for a message that didn’t bore me with 'Hi, you ok?' Um, yeah thanks!! Bore ring!

You’re welcome. Some people want to be bored. Most people I think. And difficult, indeed impossible most of the time to say anything interesting when a profile is boring. Faceparty is becoming a bit of a bore really. Perfect partner? yea right!

> You're in an open relationship?

Nominally at least. [Hi Becky if you are reading this, love you! xxxxxxxx] And if I wasn't, I would pretend.

> I thought they only existed when lads don’t actually admit it (I prefer to use the word cheating).

Er no. Polyamoury is not cheating. Viz, if you pretend to be in a mono relationship but play away, that's cheating.

> I'm not cynical

No sweat! lol!

> its just men do want the best of both worlds don’t they!?

Methinks you are missing the point. Don't women want the best of both worlds? did not a poll to new woman magazine come up with 60% of women had had sex with someone other than their husband and had actually admitted it in an anonymous poll at least (me suspects therefore that 60% is on the low side). Monogamous society I think not. Culture of monogamy? Yes and very sickening too.

Not sure where you are coming from with the knee jerk reaction of "don't you want the best of both worlds". Is it the sense that because monogamy means the denial of some needs or desires (true enough) we should therefore, for no other reason, live monogamously? This smacks of ahedonia (the idea that we are not here to enjoy ourselves). Ahedonia leads to misery. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with the idea of self denial per se, I am a card carrying Puritan after all. Ahedonia and Puritanism are however not the same thing.

> High five to you though. So long as you're pleasing them all the same they what’s the harm. Don’t go breaking any hearts.

Absolutely! This is the whole point about polyamoury, not forsaking all others. Here’s to panfidelity, faithful to all.

Anyway, hope you don't mind if I put this on my blog, feel free to comment

Love and liberation

Bluebell xxx

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Cosmically Speaking

Found this, not on the internet, but in an old favourite book of mine “The Guinness Book of Answers”. I no longer own a copy but there is a reference copy in the Edward Boyle Library.

A Guide to the Scale of the Solar System

If the Sun where reduced to the size of a beach ball of 30.48 cm in diameter, following on the same scale the nine planets would be represented relatively thus:

Mercury, a grain of mustard seed 15.2 m away

Venus, a pea 23.7 m away

Earth, a pea 32.3 m away, The Moon, a grain of mustard seed 8.5 cm from earth.

Mars, a currant 49.9 m away

Jupiter , an orange 170.6 m away

Saturn, a tangerine 312.1 m away

Uranus, a plum 627.8 m away

Neptune, a plum 984.5 m away

Pluto, a pinhead up to 1.6 km away

The nearest star would lie near San Francisco!

The Age of Responsibility

Hangover free day number seven. I bought a load of spuds last Saturday. Only to get home and discover that I don’t have a potato peeler. Thought I did. Maybe it is just missing and will turn up in my tidy up. So, this lunch time bought a spud peeler for 1 UKP. The till sounded some sort of alarm. “Just a reminder that you have to be over 16 to purchase a potato peeler.” Not only am I getting old, I have been old for too long. Who would have thought that I would forget how eagerly awaited was my 16th birthday. And on that day I went into a shop and proudly bought a potato peeler, just to show the whole world that I was now an adult.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Senatus Populus Que Romanus

Hangover free day number six. Not sure if all English universities have a committee called “The Senate”, the University of Leeds does anyway. And thanks to good old Department of Education circular (7/70 if I recall correctly), it has student representatives, of which I am one elected from the faculties. So off to represent some students. Perhaps it will be an experience.

Funny. Be careful what you say when drunk. Well, of course the problem is that people often fail to be careful when drunk, it being the effect as it where. Frightening that I can launch into a ferocious rant when “sober” as in my last blog. I have been to hard on the straight laced people. Nothing wrong with being straight laced. In my current condition though, perhaps, emotional coldness and unfriendliness are another matter.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Where Have the Flowers Gone?

“I wish we had the hearts of children! Their eyes are wide and their love is pure! We only dare to say ‘Please Love Me!’ at the seventh glass of wine” (“Flowers in our Hair” Bricheno / Cousin / Regan “All About Eve”).

In my current condition. I do get very sick and tired of other people’s superficiality and downright falseness. Go and read the opening of chapter on “Community Building and Maintenance” from “The Different Drum, Community Building and Peace” by M Scott Peck. Opening likesay of the story of the Basement group. Oops rambling and ranting at same time.

Also, people can be so pathetic that they don’t even say “Please Love Me” at the seventh glass of wine. Or are too straight laced to get pissed. Nothing wrong with refraining entirely from alcohol or any other drugs. So long as it is not for the wrong reasons. Such as to be too bloody straight laced or emotionally cold.

Live and love adventurously dearly beloved brothers and sisters.

“And we learn to love and we learn to give and earn the flowers in our hair my friend, so take my hand, one day is always to far away”

love and rage..... Bluebell x

England Takes Drugs in Psychic Defence!

Well then. Not quite the blog I first intended to write…. Hangover free day number five. Spending a small fortune on a certain proprietary fizzy drink, which does wonders for my anti-imperialist credentials. So, Bridget Jones style, units of alcohol 0. Cigarettes 0. (in joke, LOL! I am a non-smoker, well, I don’t smoke tobacco LOL!). Smoothies (alcohol substitute?) 0, units of fat don’t ask! Units of caffeine er…. Pray how much is one unit of caffeine? Why are units of caffeine not displayed on the containers of all caffeine containing products?

Anyway, seem to have mislaid my Senate papers agh! Oh well, should be able to get another set tomorrow.

Now for a Kabal event. Workshop on Chakras and Crystals. Yes, I know it sounds like new age rubbish and feel good daffodil spirituality, but Kabal is a broad Khurch, and actually nothing wrong with either Krystals or Khakras per se. Pretty Tantric stuff really. Should be interesting. While it is not in the job description of the Kommittee, or even that of the President (this being my Presidential year, cue “Hail to the Chief”), adjourning to the bar afterwards is well pretty vital in terms of kommunication.

So, again, have had enough kaffeine for one day. Enough for a week really. So a glass of lemonade with blackcurrant it will be. Tomorrow will be hangover free day number six.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Spending a Penny (0.01 UKP)

Hangover free day number 2. Visited friend Nikki for chat and to see her foster kittens. She works for the RSPCA. 5 little orphan kittens came in and the staff where asked for a volunteer to foster them. It would seem that some young “gentleman” did shoot their mother dead with a pellet gun, hence they are orphaned. When asked why, he is reported to have said “I am Black and I am Bad” or some such. He is helping the police with their enquiries and facing a possible charge of animal cruelty. BASTARD! Still, I would not like to be in his shoes on judgement day. You do realise that God herself is a cat?

Got the bus with Nikki back into town, said merry part and then needed to “spend a penny”. Oh that quaint Anglicism for needing a pish! Why am I such a euphemistic tosser!

So options. Are their any public “conveniences” (another euphemism) in Leeds City Centre. I have only lived here for 5 years. I look in first 2 of the indoor shopping centres (called “Malls” in Amerika I do believe), and no there is no public shitehouse. Finally entered central railway forecourt, where for 20p (0.20 UKP, there’s inflation for you…..) I could have a pish. Yes I have read “Trainspotting” by Irvine Walsh, haven’t you? I had a mere, 0.34 UKP in loose change. And there was a change machine, but not one for converting small change into a 20 p piece to get me past the wicket gate (I take it you have read “The Pilgrim’s Progress”). Fortunately there was an attendant who did take my five pence pieces, for thereof, and let me through manually. And I had a most satisfying pish! Well having paid a small fortune for it….

Oh yes! Another comment, this time from Matt, cheers! Will add your blog to a list of blogs I like tommorrow.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Hangover Free Day number one….

Feeling tired and generally like shit! Alcohol deficiency, bad for the body mind and soul! And let us not mention my dental trouble agh!

Still. Found a one litre smoothie in Fascist Pig Supermarket for 1.79 UKP so life ain’t so bad. More shades of the “Bridget Jones Diary” smoothies as alcohol substitutes....... Yes I do have a co-dependant addictive personality minus at least the soupiness of romance. And on that subject, oh I am ranting LOL! Yes I am a card carrying idealist, for my sins multiplied, but never signed up to the dross of romanticism. And yes, me and my unmet needs for love, affection, friendship and lots of sex. But lets not go there.

Well done and thank you Richard for your comments and sharings, made my day!. Solidarity buddy! Anyone passing through this blog site I wonder, yes I know I should add a counter. Tried that on my main site many years ago and it never worked, and Cornerstone’s Anorak-In-Chief was as perplexed as I was. Well that’s my excuse.

My last entry required considerable anoraking. Well it didn’t but alas I am not familiar with the graphics program I was using, photoshop does not have the save to web facilities. Was having terrible problems getting scanned image down from 2 megs. And then it all went ok when I discovered it had been saved as 200k in another folder. You learn something everyday…..

Blessed be!


Popular facial tattoos. An occasional series


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Any Comments?

So much for my early night.

Spotted this in “The Times” of Wednesday 13th October 2004 ce (page 9). David Starkey the Historian talking about “My Mother never got over me being Gay”

“I was born with physical impairments and she was extraordinary, encouraging me although overprotective. She was hugely affectionate but the monstrousness came when her creation – me – showed signs of wanting to become his own person”

he continues:-

“I am with the Prince of Wales on love – ‘whatever that may be’. The difficulty with love is that it has been contaminated with the soupiness of romance.”

Any comments?

“You come to a stage when being a 60 year old leather queen strutting around is slightly silly”

I don’t know David. Much as I disapprove of beastly vile animal products. I am dead against any repression of harmless fetishes. Stay kinky at 60!

To the Woman in the House

Well, was in the Packhorse saying hello to Lib Dem Dave on Tuesday evening, for no other reason than I am sad and lonely and friendly, when in comes the University Labour/Tory/Lib Dem Otley Run. Long story. The Otley Run is a traditional pub crawl in Leeds, start Woodies on Otley Road, work way down to the Union Bars and then finish at Dry Dock on Woodhouse Lane.

Hangover again! It seemed like a good idea to follow the mob to the Union Bar.

Anyway. What do I get for snail mail this morning but something delivered from Cancer Research UK addressed “To the Woman in the House”. I searched thoroughly but…. LOL! Stalin has a theory that there is a bit of a woman in all of us. No chance man!

Right, I know I should be sitting in front of the computer blogging, but must head back home and to an early night. And tidy my cottage……

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Happy new year everyone! No I have not lost the plot. Just nursing a post Yule hangover. No, I have had a few hangover free days since 25th December 2003. More than Bridget Jones honestly! (just over 140 a year if I remember rightly) It is just that there are moves afoot to declare every last Monday of the month in the Old Bar of Leeds University Union, Christmas, have a party, put up crimbo decorations, and blast crimbo music through the sound system. Starting yesterday evening after Union Council. Wonder how long this enthusiasm will last.

Still, played pass the parcel last night. I did not win, and become the proud owner of a beer glass, but I pealed off one layer, and there was a key-ring/fridge magnet/bottle opener in the style of “Reef” (Reef is a bottled alco-pop sold here in Old England, viz a mix of fruit juice and vodka or whatever 5% alcohol by volume). And in the in house off licence, for days they have been selling off Wkd iron brew (Wkd is another alco-pop marketed under the slogan “do you have a Wkd sense of humour?” Wkd pronounced “Wicked” of course). So for at least a couple of days they had been down to the last bottle, selling for 1.19 UKP instead of the usual 1.79 UKP. I told the man behind the counter that if it was sill there I would buy it. Well no one could ever accuse me of having a wicked sense of humour.

Learned in this mornings lecture (level 2 module “Organisations of the Workforce 2 Early Trade Unions) that in the old days of apprenticeships and indentured servitude, the ‘prentice was usually unable to marry during apprenticeship. And sometimes the indenture would forbid the said ‘prentice from fornication. Shocking! As Julie Burchil once said, “If you can’t drink smoke and fornicate when your young, when can you?”

Right, off to Societies Executive Committee with a hangover.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Salacious Porn!

In a letter to me, my father once described washing up and ironing as the bane of human existence. Well, sitting in the launderette on a council estate where I live. It occurred to me that actually, it is so magickal just sitting there and watching the machine do some rather back breaking work of washing. I must have gone a decade without doing much ironing. I only do that when I have to. First meeting of school governors, when the OFSTED inspector came, and when interviewing teachers.

Anyway….. The one book I had to hand “Beer and Britannia” was a touch too heavy a read. So I looked at the “magazine” stockpile in said launderette.

Perfect Home
Inspirations – for your home
Country Living
Ideal Home
Real Homes Magazine
House Beautiful
BBC Good Homes

Can you believe such salacious porn!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

Oh for a copy of any wimmins mag to browse through then. Even Cosmo! My previous missions to said launderette did result in reading in some down market wimmins mag about a) 3 ladies who had never been seen naked by their husbands and b) a lady who had never had sex with her hubby. I showed a) to the launderette attendant who commented “how does he shag you then?” answer being that they made love in the dark. Logical. b) however well her husband was understanding that she did not want to do sex but hoped that one day she would. Hmmm, just think, all that about under English Law, and church law of those orthodox churches, a marriage must be consummated. Only once mind you…. Reminds me of a former housemate musing on the things that men give up to get married. Friends. Careers. Homes. Hobbies. Courses. Even would you believe it their sex lives.

No I am not drunk, I am posting this stone cold sober. I have only had one can of special brew. Oh, and on the way here I passed through the old bar and saw a fellow Leeds University Union Councillor engaging in a pre council tipple. Shocking!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Bad anoraking....

Evening all. Oh how i wish you where all able to comment. But alas every other blogger I know makes it look easy. Could do with a friendly anorak now. And I do need to get on with research into the star chamber and it's influence on popular protest in early modern britain. Oh well. Likesay, as i understand it, at the moment, with no easy comment on, only "anonymous" posts are now possible. Damm! Help me out someone... Oh. Usual fun with haloscan. Followed the instructions but....

Saturday, October 09, 2004

I am not bitter, I am special (brew)

now then gentle reader. You might have though that from the title of this blog that I am bitter. not a bit of it. I am special :)

Still. Although in theory, it would be possible to blog from my main website and its mirror at due to some technical difficulties, a custom blog site might be an idea so here it is.

No, I am not bitter. I have done a course on traditional alcoholised drinks at the University of Leeds School of Continuing Education.

But yes, walking up Woodhouse Lane, the title for this blog, a great original, finally came to me.

The immortal, but sadly now dead, Bill Hicks wrote a classic song "Chicks Dig Jerks". Or was it Marblehead Johnson. Anyway, Bill sung it.

Anyway. A Gay friend once wrote that it was politically incorrect to say but "remarkable how many 'right on' het women end up marrying the most appaling sexist troglodytes". And then of course want a shoulder to cry on with "all men are bastards" when it all goes wrong again. Well ditch the political correctness, chicks dig jerks. Not all. But when female creatures are concerned, I rarely see much accounting for taste.

Chicks dig jerks, so true!

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