Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Kind of Magick

The lovely Gaelpixie did meet me in her lunch break this afternoon to pass on a bookcrossing book “The Electric Michelangelo” by Sarah Hall. The ex libris inside says

“I am a very special book. You see I am travelling around the world making new friends. I hope I have made another one in you.”

I am sure it has. Most inspiring. What goes round does indeed come round. Even the most conventional reasoning bears this one out….

Wikid also to see the Earth from the Air exhibition in Millennium square. Once again cheers Gael for pointing this one out.

Particularly like the pic of the Rude Man of Cerne Abbas ;)

Would put a pic of yer man here, but there will be no pictures of, ahem, tinkerbells on this blog LMAO! Does anyone have a copyright free pic of man with a maypole?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gotta Love Quizzes!

Indeed, you are 62% erudite, 79% sensual, 25% martial, and 37% saturnine.
Born from the foam of the sea, Aphrodite became the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty. This is a polite way of saying she was the Goddess of Sex. In the case of Aphrodite, perhaps it would be more accurate to say she was the Goddess of sex, sex, and more sex.

Obviously all this sex couldn't possibly be good 100% of the time, and it wasn't. Aphrodite was as well known for the pain she brought as she was for the pleasures of sexual passion which she personified. The lesson she taught was: "Every pleasure has its price."

The most notorious example of this is when she promised Paris, a Prince of Troy, the love of the world's most beautiful woman, Helen, if only he would judge her the fairest Goddess in a ridiculous contest that developed between Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena. Unable to resist such a lusty bribe, the foolish Prince declared Aphrodite the winner, which irked Hera and Athena to no end. True to her word, Aphrodite allowed Helen to fall under the seductive charms of young Paris.

What happened next most everyone knows - a ten year war that didn't come to an end until a certain wooden horse came on the scene.

In spite of all the pain and misery that Aphrodite brings to those who naively think of love as a simple matter full of sunshine and lollipops, she is still the Goddess of beauty and can be very gentle to those who respect and understand her sensual and complex nature.

The Fifteen Goddesses

These are the 15 categories of this test. If you score above average in …

…all or none of the four variables: Neit. … Erudite: Minerva. … Sensual: Aphrodite. … Martial: Artemis. … Saturnine: Persephone. … Erudite & Sensual: Isis. … Erudite & Martial: Sekhmet. … Erudite & Saturnine: Nemesis. … Sensual & Martial: Hera. … Sensual & Saturnine: Bast. … Martial & Saturnine: Ilamatecuhtli. … Erudite, Sensual & Martial: Maeve. … Erudite, Sensual & Saturnine: Freya. … Erudite, Martial & Saturnine: Sedna. … Sensual, Martial & Saturnine: Macha.

This test tracked 4 variables. How the score compared to the other people's:

Higher than 11% on erudite

Higher than 51% on sensual

Higher than 1% on martial

Higher than 16% on saturnine
Link: The Mythological Goddess Test written by Nitsuki on Ok Cupid

Friday, September 02, 2005

Morrocan Stock-cubes

Light Hitter
Well, apparently you are 63% stoned!
Good job! Everyone can see that you have been hittin' the bong a little bit today. Not yet up to the major leagues yet though, keep up the good work.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 0% on HighPoints
Link: The Are You Stoned Test written by skye1024 on Ok Cupid

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