Saturday, November 01, 2008

What I did in my holidays (Part Nine - To A Gig in Aspatria! Woho! Not even the locals know how to pronounce it)

So, I bid my Friends at Pardshaw merry part and merry meet again. Was counselled against going via Maryport aka Scaryport. Turned out to be good advice… Scaryport station is the smallest in the world…. Likesay best avoided.

Think this is the Solway Firth.. and on the other side is Scotland…

funny country

Made it to Aspatria

I can pronounce it now I hope

So, stuck my thumb out, with hitching sign saying “Solfest please dude!” almost first van stopped. A lady from Bedlam Boudouir, saying they were at Solfest to run a munters bar.

Cheers dude!

Here’s some bluebells… well of a sort.

Harebells or bluebells of Scotland?

I checked in, my name was on the right list, how organised! I got my tent up. It was dry and had relatively little hassle and plenty of time to explore a bit and chill before the Stewards briefing. Here is the legendary Drystone Stage under construction

Drystone anoraks?

Here are some Scottish mountains on the other side of the Solway Firth. Pretty sure about that one. Solfest is named after the water that separates England from Scotland, where England ends and Scotland begins or vice versa….


Here is a lovely steward directing some lovely traffic

I was a steward once

And here is Crimestoppers Terri!

Hello Terri!

Here’s Crimestoppers again

A splendid firm!

Perhaps this is the Army.. not sure which one though lol

My Army maybe..

A sign!


Site art

possibly recycled from womad..

A view of the site

good to be here

That hitching sign

well it got me here…

The stewards await briefing

Didn’t have to wait too long

Polite. What a capital idea!

Perhaps he likes the costume…

We do earnestly desire seek and wait

meeting lots of lovely people

Man in skrit addresses the proletariat

well we’re near enough to Scotland…

Close up of Chris the site manager briefing the stewards

Friends! Romans! Cumbrians!

Festi to festi….

Crustymania, Northern Green, Solfest

Meet the new lollipop man…

Hippies Crossing!

Stop! In the Name of LoVE!

Hippies forever!

Hippies crossing


Here come lots of happy people….

one big happy hippy family already

… to a Big Solfest Welcome!

enjoy you’re trip!

Here is the welfare altar.


The Love Fairy tends the altar

She did a good job on my pain in ear.. long story

The love fairy doing the love patrol!

Peppermint tea for stewards and security

The morning after…

wot a load of rubbish!

A steward disapproves…

a splendid chap, looks just like me..

Cumbria loos arrive…. Turns out that it is a big job emptying the portaloos. Apart from being an experience.. the exquisite kosmic khazis at northern green are just so civilised!!!!! Solfest portaloos are the next best thing festi wise…..

it was a big job though…

A happily engaged couple!

another long story…

A hardworking steward on the graveyard shift has a well earned rest

Anne rocks!

Meet the new lollipop man!

Still not sent this one to my nephew and neice…

Ah Saturday night at Solfest. Fancy dress….

fun in there?

Looking at the main stage

o yeah

Happy hippy campers I think


And the 4th solfest brownies… they’ve grown….

I was a brownie…

Here they are again

…. In my misspent yoof….

A splendid firm!

…. Perhaps they will let me back in…

Noooo nooo

ah tellytubies

Here’s a mum and daughter team come as stewards

in crew catering

A one-man-band

A splendid firm!

Another view

Quite a few of them about…

The parade!

we love a parade!

The parade continues….

Came as a bit of a surprise…

And continues….

Land of hope and glory….. lol

All the way from Kazakhstan… Borat!

Yig Shemersh! My name a Borat

Craig David from Bo-Selecta gets his come uppance….

Who is Craig David?

Ello my little rubiks cubes!

takes me back…

The Queen of Hearts

Who stole the tarts?


Solfest is where we are

The Dance Tent!

very noisy

A rat with a pet…

a very intelligent and sociable animal I am told…

The pub landlord…

My gaffe, my rules!

Dunno mate….

dressed like Matt Lucas…

Chas ‘n’ Dave!

It really is…

Where’s Bin Liner?

Perhaps he’s a Chief Constable or something..





More stewards

A splendid firm!

Tains list


The crims put in an appearance. A splendid firm….

Just doing their job.  Or a job…

This was a tricky pic to get….. my camera is tricky to operate in low light… can sometimes get a pic but requires the subjects to be relatively still…

Jenny has a better one.  Hi Jenny if you are reading this.

Action at the Drystone Stage

Difficult pics to get in poor light

For the love of the Goddess…

Isis Astarte Dian Hecate Demeter Kali Inana

The knitting knoras. Called on them twice but they didn’t even say hello…..


A one woman band

A splendid firm!

Here she is again

very efficient

Some funny folk in florescent hi vis jackets

came as stewards…

Somewhat related I think

we love solfest

Dunno mate….



met him briefly at BNRR I think…


and not very utilitarian

Well dressed chap!

good effort!

Solfest bites the dust…. We head home… but we all had a great time!!! Party on dudes!!!!!


Spent most of the day getting home after a pretty early start. Getting my tent down was a bit more tricky. Oh well at least it had survived. This was as it turned out my last festi of the summer….. Spent most of the day trying to get out of Cumbria on public transport on a bank holiday. Still made it…..

Back to Blighty….

24 hour recruitment line….

Magick Chair! No really, it just materialised at the bus stop on the way home….


Likesay not one of my best blog posts... but hey nobody reads it lol. Sweet dreams! Must head back to my tipi.

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