Saturday, September 19, 2009

the fun and games continue.....

Observant readers as ever to my blog will have noticed I have not posted since the 4th July..

well as it happens my current council in the village that disappeared (Bramley, Armley without the charm) flat is far from a place to call home. There is no soundproofing and I have been blessed by a boom box boy for a next door neighbour. And I did try to reason with him. But perhaps not everyone is reasonable. Ho hum.

I am deeply grateful to the wonderful friends how have given me the wonderful hospitality of somewhere quiet to complete my coursework or start it in the first place. And more than that I just needed a refuge from the negative energy.

And in my absence my flat has been broken into. First time round lots of stuff was taken. Had a phone call on Thursday evening from the Police Service, seems this time a fire has been started. Ho hum. I need a place I can call home...

So, Friday 28th August I handed in my dissertation in at the office of the Lifelong learning center of the University of Leeds, just before closing time. With my lovely friend Pamela caught the last train to Aspatria and Solfest, having bought a tent first from Millets (the burglars took my tent....). Here I am on the train with my receipt for my dissertation.

YESSSSSSS!!! I did it!

So after Solfest enjoyed Pamela's hospitality then back to Leeds to complete final piece of coursework. Again handed in just before closing time Monday 14th September. Hopefully I can now just await a place on the pass list.

And now I need a place to call home. Constructive suggestions are welcome and looking into things. Somewhere quiet, where I can offer hospitality and where I can keep my connection with Leeds and pursue my antiquarian and archaeological interests.

Travelling blessings.

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