Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pardshaw! The Movie!

Where do I start!

Well that’s another post….

So anyway with only 1 confirmed guest, me, set off for my 40 Birthday Bash. Think I had better let pics speak for themselves with minor over dicta? Whatever.

Bought a supersaver return ticket at Leeds Train station. Not a bad journey as far as Penrith over oceans of green…. Had a through ticket to Cockermouth.The railway runs out at Penrith however, no doubt due to Dr Bleaching… So waited for bus at Penrith Station. Looks like they got a castle at Penrith. Pictures of rainbows and sunsets never seem to come out as good in pics especially my digital cameras..

Idiocy is like hypnosis or ejaculation: if you want it, you can’t have it–and if you don’t want it, you can

So along to Cockermouth.

surely this can't be ASBO country?!

Actually got to Cocker quite late. It was already dark and so had great fun walking in the dark down a 2 lane A road for miles to Pardshaw. Well busses are a rarity in that part of Cumberland. Oh with no pavement and a few suicidal dangerous corners. A small mercy was that I had a head torch which I shone onto the road in the hope of some visibility. And I had too much to carry.

But likesay Made it! The old Coopers Dip Enamel was still there.

Clean your sheep to the bone! Yay!

And I managed to get the fire going

fireside chat anyone?

Now things are getting a bit stream of consciousness….

Walked into Cockermouth following morning to do some shopping.

Here is Chairman Herdwick the great pioneer of Marxist Ovinism. Good to see a bit of Stalinist Realism.

Our Glorious Leader.  Actually taken at the Lakeland sheep and wool centre

Had to stop for refreshment in Cocker, found an alehouse dedicated to some Lakeland poet and one to a Lakeland mutineer by the name of Fletcher Christian.

Best Mutineers in the world…

Mutiny not poetry say I!.

Have a pic somewhere which I took waiting for final bus out of Cockermouth. Shows statue of Mayo (the pious inventor of Mayonnaise) in the high street.

Now it gets a bit more stream of consciousness…. A random shot of the burial ground.

wonder how many more days it will take me to write this post which no one will read….

Welcome to Pardshaw.

Stuff and information

Now Cumberland is a bit bumpy here is the path from the Meeting House up to the front entrance and the School Room

Passing the Dalton Memorial, more of later

Now Pardshaw makes a lovely hermitage but it is a bit big. It was my birthday and I was all alone… Thankfully the Lovely Linda graced Pardshaw with her wonderful presence. She even brought a cake! Pity it was not vegan but I was more than honoured to cut it

40 candles!

Not everyone makes it to 40. Noticed headstone of one deceased Friend in the burial ground who had died a few months before her 40th birthday.

Here is the Birthday Boy cutting the cake

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Don’t Mess with the Chef! LOL

it’s getting late and my humour is on the blink….

Here’s the Dalton Memorial

wasn’t possible to get a really good pic

Getting random and stream of consciousness now….

A view from the Burial Ground

A pic of the Meeting House

not good use of lighting I suppose

A better pic more oblique

A lovely view of the Cumberland countryside

I don’t like the countryside, hasn’t got a roof over it lol

Another pic of the Meeting House in a better light

Beautiful Lakeland

A view from the Throne Room

A Young Friend Meditates

All thanks to the work camp of 1786. Bit before my time…

things were a bit primitive before then…

Here’s one of those red skies that looked better in real life

Still beautiful I hope…..

Here is the front door to the Pardshaw Complex

Home from Home

Just arrived

actually just about to try and catch one of the 3 buses of the day..

Or just leaving?

only way to make a bus stop is to stand in the middle of the road like a nutter….

Welcome to Pardshaw, hope you find the presence of GOD. I did.

The Society of Friends, a splendid firm!

Let’s go to the school room

At the time Quakers had to educate their own sprogs.

I went for a short walk into the village

just up the road from Pardshaw Young Friends Centre

The Drying Room

Make LoVE! Not War!

Just to show I was there! Bluebell and Pardshaw. Can you guess which is which?

and I was saving the bad jokes for the hover captions lol

In the School Room! John Dalton the man who invented physics and chemistry was educated here!

real history….

Wish you had been there. Here’s to the last 40 years! And JAH willing the next!

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Fairy Tale...

More textual harassment though this time I will protect my sauces

“World’s shortest fairytale.. Once upon a time a man asked a woman ‘Will you marry me?’ The woman replied ‘No’ and the man lived happily ever after and went golfing, drinking, shagging and still had money in his pocket at the end of the week. The End”

Some Fairies, yesterday

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