Saturday, July 28, 2007

textual harrasment (maybe part five of an occasional series...)

I often txt my brother after watching The Show. One morning there was another couple of wimin fighting over a chap. And since the dna result showed that they both had a kid by him I wonder why…. But still. My brother’s reply:-

“Well if he is arogant selfish baStard who can blame them for wetKnickers”


Now off to the Cornerstone Garden party…..

Friday, July 20, 2007

Here Me Now (part one of an occasional series..)

I could get rather used to this….

IN HOC VINCES and mine’s a pint LOL. Meet the new Vicar! Picture above taken at Kidderminster New Meeting House (Unitarian) founded in 1792. The pulpit was once used by Richard Baxter the man on the telly.

Possibly more to come about my trip to Kidderminster. Or maybe not. Nobody reads my blog anyway.

Many thanks to Kidderminster Unitarians, God Bless!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Jeremy Kyle Moments (part two of an occasional series)

Likesay there was a chap on The Show this morning who smokes 100 ciggies a day. Respect! Only problem is his lungs are fucked. Well that and an anual cost of about 7000 UKP. Which no dout keeps the tobbaco corporations happy.

some fags yesterday

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Textual Harrassment (Part four I think of an occasional series)

Another one from my brother

"Some DEMAND the depot,some have it thrust upon them! There r manY roads to kidderminster as the adage goes"

Chat Up Lines Of Polar Explorers

Nice to have caught some of Race to the Pole on UKTV Herstory. Since then nutrition has moved on, and a modern analysis of the diet of Scott of the Antarctic's expidition's diet shows it to be low in B vitamins. They should have taken a few crates of Special Brew.. They could have opened a bar at the south pole.

Interesting difference of strategy. The team re enacting Amundsen's expidition had a problem with a bitch coming onto heat and as a result the male huskies took armourous interest in her and no interest in pulling the sleigh.. They tried putting her at the front of the team in the hope that the dogs would then chase her and hey presto! but it didn't work. Amundsen would have just shot her and been happy for the fresh meat. Perhaps Scott would have seen it as unBritish. I get the impression Amundsen was a bit of a loner. Well if his chat up line was "Hi! I shoot my bitches!" perhaps I can see why. There again some wimin at least would go for it. Remember the trial of Ted Bundy, he had quite a following amongst the ladies.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fuckin' Hippies! (part two of an occasional series...)

My brother accused me of being a hippy! Cheeky sod! To my protests he sent following text:-

"TOFU, HUGEMOSE, SUB-COMMITTEES- this is the way to the hippi side"

Tofu yesterday.  Fucking Hippies!

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