Saturday, July 04, 2009

getting silly but why not

In Britain! If you want to buy a Council you go to a Council Shop. If you want to buy a Council Shop you go to a Council Shop Shop and if you want to buy a Council Shop Shop you're being silly.

Thank you Pamela for making this picture happen xx

To the Moon….Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

I read in “Apollo Expeditions to the Moon” (edited by Edgar M Cortright, published by NASA, Washington DC, 1975) that the S-1C stage of the Saturn V Rockets that took the first Men to the Moon were constructed at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville Alabama. They were transported to Cape Canaverel by barge down the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers. Wonder if anyone on the banks of either river saw them and realised they were on their way to the moon in a manner of speaking. Relatively slowly.

Keighley and Saltaire with Pamela

Wednesday with my lovely visitor Pamela we headed off to Keighley, there is a direct bus. I heard from Dr Anzir that there is a Co-op department store there as indeed there is.

We did pause for a glass of J20 in the Livery Rooms, a Tim Martin Alehouse.

well I had a pint of full fat coke…..

Turns out it had previously been a Temperance Hall….

bet the old temps are glad the hall is now an alehouse

Wikid eh?

temperance was all the rage once?

They still do a vegan curry so only place for eating out really.

Cheers Simon and all at the Livery Stables

Here is the Town Hall.

big city!

Salt’s Mill

if you want to make some salt you build a mill….

The Off Licence. Titus Salt was keen that Saltaire would have all the essential leisure facilities.

excellent for cans of Special Brew

Victoria Hall. Great for line dancing. Next time perhaps

Yee Haa!

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